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Bear & Bullet Proof Trailer
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Bowboy 12-May-23
Ziek 12-May-23
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MA-PAdeerslayer 12-May-23
Corax_latrans 12-May-23
Lawdog 12-May-23
drycreek 12-May-23
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fuzzy 13-May-23
From: Bowboy

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Okay who’s buying one of these new trailers?

From: Ziek
Any one scared enough to consider one, probably should just stay home.

From: Beendare
Yeah Ziek, no kidding. A bulletproof coffin for $93,000. Wow.

It deploys bear spray around the camper- thats hilarious.

Well it gives us something to point at and laugh if we see one driving down the road.

Jeeze oh man… ya you better just stay home

I dunno… I suppose it depends on whom you’re with, but that 3-minute odor purge could come in pretty handy, I’d expect….

From: Lawdog
Made for "extinction level events"! They know something we don't?

From: drycreek
I don’t want to crawl in or out of anything. I did enough crawling when I was a heavy drinker ! ;-)

From: Woods Walker
LOL! Just get a shotgun and a rifle! A LOT cheaper and works just as well!

Although, if I had to travel/work in any of our rapidly deteriorating urban areas, I DO like the bear spray idea, but just make it "thug" spray and mount it on your car! Maybe a video cam would be good too. to see the car jacker's reaction when they get "POOFED"!

From: Rut Nut
Don’t worry Bowboy...............................there are plenty of rich snowflakes and eco-weanies out there who will waste their money on this contraption. The “extinction level event” label is just HYPE to sell more of them! ;-)

Ditto Woods Walker- I was thinking it WOULD be fun to take one of these into an urban jungle somewhere and have some fun with some would-be car jackers! I’d probably mount a couple remotely triggered .50 cals on the roof though! : )

From: LBshooter
Well I guess if you can get the bear to stand where the spray is it might be nice. Ugly as heck.

From: t-roy
“Off-grid power is provided by a gasoline generator”

There goes any sales in California!

From: Bigdog 21
The generator running keep bears at bay. We used a battery operated radio on a talk station out side at night.

From: fuzzy

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