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New Mexico Guides for Elk Archery?
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East/West Coast 12-May-23
Quinn @work 13-May-23
Cheesehead Mike 15-May-23
Hope y'all are having a great Turkey/Spring fishing season! Anyhow, looking to line up some plans for 2024. Anyone out their hunt New Mexico? Landowner, Public, Outfitter all of the above, definitely interested in an information. If you would be so kind as to post, I'd be most grateful!

From: Quinn @work
Go to Google and type in “Bowsite “ and “New Mexico”, etc and you’ll get a lot of good info.

Use Bowsite references and or Bowsite sponsors for NM outfitters if you go that route.

Hope you find what you’re looking for

At this point with NM tags being so difficult to draw, if anybody has the inside track on any landowner tags, "easier" to draw outfitter tags, etc, I highly doubt that they will post it here for the entire world to read...

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