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Colorado hunt-rain gear ?'s
Mule Deer
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Iowabowhunter 15-May-23
JohnMC 15-May-23
Buckdeer 15-May-23
midwest 15-May-23
RickH 15-May-23
cnelk 15-May-23
[email protected] 15-May-23
joehunter 15-May-23
fisherick 15-May-23
Pop-r 15-May-23
PushCoArcher 15-May-23
cnelk 15-May-23
Jaquomo 15-May-23
LUNG$HOT 16-May-23
RonP 16-May-23
Figured i'd ask here as well, hoping to draw a Colorado archery high country mule deer hunt for this year.

I'll be backpacking in with a buddy, so weight is a concern.

Should I be bringing a rain gear set? I'll have the Kuiu attack pants & Kenai jacket, unsure if i'll pack my puffy jacket.

I plan on sitting behind the glass a ton.

From: JohnMC
100% bring rain gear. It can rain a lot in the high country.

From: Buckdeer
Make sure it's easy to get off and put on as sometimes it happens several times a day

From: midwest
Cabela's Space Rain

From: RickH
Yes, unless you don't mind getting wet and cold. It could even snow on you up there in Sept. There's some cheaper lightweight stuff that would work fine, like Frogg Toggs. Even a lightweight poncho would work if your sitting/glassing.

From: cnelk
I have FroggToggs in my pack. But for the past several years I haven’t even used them.

Maybe it will rain/snow this year

Space Rain top is what I carry. Usually no bottoms unless the forecast looks bad. I usually have a big lawn and leaf trash bag as well. Can be a dry place to sit, pack cover, poncho or clean place to lay meat.

From: joehunter
Space Rain in the pack at all times along with a light weight Core-4-Element puffy. Been caught 1 to many times to let it happen again.

From: fisherick
Same as Joehunter.

From: Pop-r
In 13' it rained or snow/sleeted on me the first 21 days of the season in CO at some point in the day. It's definitely going to rain in the high country in Sept in CO! Many times typically. It can also turn cool enough that IF you're wet you're going to be in a hell of a bind quick!

From: PushCoArcher
Yes bring the rain gear and if you're sleeping on the mountain bring the puffy. Might also consider dry bag options I like to keep my down bag in one if I suspect it'll rain. I have a exo pack they make a dry bag liner for the pack that works great.

From: cnelk
Yep. Anyone that hunted Colorado in 2013 definitely needed rain gear that year.

Roads were washed out and had to make detours to get to my elk spots. And the elk were going crazy

From: Jaquomo
Space Rain and a Core4 puffy top for me, too. High comfort to weight value, especially when those afternoon hailstorms roll in..

100% yes. Space rain set here too. Been using it for years now.

From: RonP
another vote for cabela's space rain set. can't beat it for the price, weight, and size.

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