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Gillette Winter Kill
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Bowfreak 16-May-23
Lone Wolf 16-May-23
Rgiesey 17-May-23
hoytshooter1 17-May-23
Bowfreak 17-May-23
From: Bowfreak
For those of you with solid information, how bad was the winter kill near Gillette and just south of there? I know other portions of WY got hammered but based on tag numbers I assume many of these areas are still doing well.

From: Lone Wolf
I would like to know as well. Thanks for asking Bowfreak.

From: Rgiesey
Never saw much snow in the Gillette area. Doubt there was any winter kill.

From: hoytshooter1
East side of the state didn't get beat up bad. I think you'll be ok if you put in for that tag

From: Bowfreak
Thanks all. I also talked to a biologist in the Casper region and while he didn't cover areas that close to Gillette he felt that the winter kill wasn't a bid deal in that part of the state.

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