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Cape Buffalo bull and cow special $8000
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fuzzy 17-May-23
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Kemp African safaris proven to be #1 hunting Outfitter for Buffalo ….Many pursuing had the noise of breaking branches as their final sound ever heard ,Cape Buffalo feared and known to turn the tables on a hunter so quickly that the hunter may be too slow to realize he is indeed the one being hunted … as my slogan say “Hunt or be Hunted “A buffalo might have its revenge hours after the first shot …they will not stop unless the final shot smashed the brain or the spine itself !

This hunt will take place in the Waterberg mountains Limpopo province of South Africa.

This hunt includes 5 days Hunting and 2 travel days for 1 x hunter including trophy fees for 1 x Cape buffalo bull up to 37" 1 X Cape Buffalo cow

For only $8000 per hunter

(Only 4 x combos available)

This hunt will be available. 2023 6-12 October . 2024 2-9 March 16-23 March

All species available from the price list additional days $325 per day additional days observer $180 per day Deposit of $1000 per hunter to book safari.

Includes: All Road transportation Meals Snacks Local beer and wine daily laundry

Exclude: Flights Taxidermy Tips

From: fuzzy

From: billc
How was it proven your the number 1 buffalo outfitter? would seem to me if true you would not need to discount buff to move them. You may be a good outfitter but that is just a stupid thing to say to try and get business

From: smarba
I had a college roommate who claimed he was the #2 in anything. He said if he claimed #1 everyone would argue, but #2 everyone just accepted it. And #2 is still pretty good LOL.

From: BullBuster
All the way to africa for just 5 days of bowhunting and for 2 buff? hmmmmmm

From: RK
That’s a good deal with a great outfit.

I would think that whomever buys this hunt will add days and other animals. Usually how Africa works.

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