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Diamond by Bowtech
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Rut Nut 01-Jun-23
From: Rut Nut
Been dealing with injuries to the shoulders the last several years and think it is time to get one of these highly adjustable draw weight bows. I have heard good things over the years about the INFINITE EDGE bows, but didn't realize there were so many variations!

I see there is an INFINITE 305, an EDGE MAX, an EDGE XT and an EDGE 320 R.A.K..............

Can anyone explain the differences between these bows and does anyone have any experience with any of them? Recommendations?

From: tkjwonta
I don't believe there is a dramatic difference in any of the models. I have a couple in my garage of different models and can't say that one is "better" than another.

Much like the "flagship" models, there are people that always need to have the newest and best, so I think the company comes out with slightly different variations over time. From my purchases in the used market, they seem to hold their value pretty well and move quickly when posted for sale. Both of those attributes suggest a pretty high quality product to me, especially when draw weight variability is a primary concern.

From: Jaquomo
I have the Bowtech version of the Infinite Edge as a backup bow, and honestly, it's a good shooter. I have it dialed down now while rehabbing a rotator cuff issue. I killed a 175" muley, a 150 whitetail, and a five point bull with it. It isn't nearly the bow my Bowtech RealmX is, but for the money, it is a good tool.

The one compound I’ve shot in the past 30+ years was a Bowtech. Awful lot to like about it, apart from it boring me to tears…. ;)

If you want to know the differences between the variants, spec sheets are your best friends. Sounds like you’re not unfamiliar with shooting compound, so you probably have some personal likes and dislikes, and nobody knows you better than you do.

To Jaq’s point… It doesn’t sound like you are buying your Forever Bow here, so maybe don’t overthink this one. Whatever else they do, BT is building these bows with the hope of turning every buyer into a life-long brand loyalist, so chances are that they aren’t turning out any junk.

From: badbull
Really like the adjustability of those Diamonds. I bought my granddaughter one that has worked out very well. I also have a Diamond Marquis that I use for practice and backup.

From: cnelk

cnelk's embedded Photo
cnelk's embedded Photo
My son killed this bull with a Diamond Core

From: Rut Nut
THANKS for the feedback folks! That all sounds good! I'm gonna shoot as many different variations of this bow as I can, and see which one I like the best.........................

From: Ironbow
Two of my daughters are shooting the Edge versions, and they are solid bows. Easy tuning and shoot well. My grandkids will likely wind up with some too.

From: wv_bowhunter
I know you asked specifically about the Diamond Edge variations, but…. I just bought an Elite Ember for my son and it is appears to be a very high quality bow that has a good range of adjustability.

From: 12yards
I bought Infinite Edges for a couple of my sons. I wasn't that impressed with them. Maybe they are better now. I think if it was me I'd buy a decent 30-40 pound bow and work with that. Buy new limbs for it if my strength and shoulder health returns.

From: midwest
Right now, if you buy the Bowtech Carbon One or a Reckoning, you can get an Edge XT or Atomic for free. Something to think about. :-)

From: Rut Nut
Well, I was able to get my hands on the INFINITE 305 and the EDGE XT.(was a bit of a challenge to find them in a LEFTY model) I shot them both between 50 and 55 lbs and when I drew the INIFINITE 305 I knew that was the bow for me! VERY smooth and easy draw! I am really looking forward to hunting with this bow.....................

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