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Sivart 18-May-23
Plum lake 18-May-23
DConcrete 18-May-23
Tater 18-May-23
APauls 19-May-23
BowJangles 19-May-23
From: Sivart
What are some Canadian outfitters that are within driving distance. Say North of the Dakotas? Would like to find one that I can drive to for 2024.

From: Plum lake
Here at Plum Lake Outfitters we have spots available for spring 2024. We are 3.5 hrs north of the US border up #6 hwy between the two big lakes. If you want some info you can email me at [email protected]

From: DConcrete
Alexis Desjardins with Desjardins outfitting and or Craig Mccarthey with north mountain adventures for sure. Both located in Manitoba.

First class operations with large bears!

From: Tater
DOA outfitter 1.5 hrs north of border. Hunted with Darryl 2 times and headed back in June. PM me if you like.

From: APauls
Jeepers there’s a handful of awesome guys in Manitoba alone

From: BowJangles
Check out Stickflingers. Rock solid bear camp with great animals and better guides. They're getting more of my business in '24.

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