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Nyati 18-May-23
keepemsharp 18-May-23
Grasshopper 18-May-23
Knothead 19-May-23
Bake 19-May-23
NM highcountry 19-May-23
From: Nyati
I’ve owned 2 rangers. You can test adjusting shocks for ride quality. For heavy loads a stiffer adjustment might be better

From: keepemsharp
Hope you never have to buy parts!!

From: Grasshopper
Rattle traps, never again. Get a General.

From: Knothead
I had an 07 Ranger that was a work horse and never let me down. I never found the need to adjust shocks. I have a 2018 General4 1000 now and it rides like a Cadillac compared to the ranger but I have nothing bad to say about rangers. I definitely got my money's worth of use out of it. Saved a ton of wear and tear on my truck by going this route. I hardly have any az pinstriping on my trucks nowadays.

From: Bake
I have a 2021 Ranger and I've put 3500 miles on it. I have had zero issues. I use mine for occasional heavy farm/yard work with heavy loads, but mostly mine is a leisure/hunting machine and I don't haul heavy loads.

I've never messed with the shocks. My dealer sets the shocks for the best ride. If I did a LOT of heavy farm work and had heavy loads a lot, I would adjust the shocks and make them stiffer for sure. But I don't haul heavy loads enough to mess with it. My usual loads are hunting equipment at times, a couple dogs at different times, or just random stuff to haul off.

I have never understood the Ranger/Polaris hate. Prior to this I had a 2013 Ranger and put thousands of miles on it as well. Friend of mine has a 2008 or 2009 machine that is still going strong with a LOT of heavy farm use. If you take care of them I've found them to be great machines.

I would love a General for leisure activities, but I love the hop on/hop off ability of the upright Ranger seats. Myself and my daughter are constantly driving it and jumping in and out to open gates, tinker, etc. The General is a lot smoother and more comfortable for long rides, but a pain to jump in and out of constantly.

My brother has a Honda Pioneer, and I've found it to be the same as the General. Smoother and more comfortable for long joy rides, but a pain for farm/yard work where you're constantly in and out of it.

I have an 2010 that is a war horse and a 2020 that is junk, everything you could think of that could go wrong with has. Money pit.

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