Alberta fires a big deal!
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From: Huntcell

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90 plus fires with 23 completely out of control wrecks havoc to Alberta. 10,000 residents displaced, impacting economy, supply chain interruption, oil drilling, not to mention interruption to all the wildlife. Hope all planned fall hunts are still on.

Smoke is impacting eastern provinces and some northern tier states. Sunsets have been more colorful,

From: Rut Nut
Our local weather guy has been talking about the smoke for days now. Apparently showing up on radar and keeping our skies in Northeast Pa hazy depending on the wind direction. Amazing how smoke from fires so far away can travel and impact different areas!

From: No Mercy
Smoke has been brutal in ND this week!

From: Blue Buck
Getting some smoke here in Nebraska.

From: SBH
Too early for this SH**

From: fdp
Dang that's awful. I hope all those displaced folks have something to go back to.

From: Sam
Was hunting with Mike two weeks ago when the fires flared up, two days of 25-30 mph winds seemed to be a contributing factor. Smoke got bad but bears didn’t seem to mind. Hopefully cool weather and rain on the way.

From: CFMuley
Headed up to bear hunt this next week. While I hope my bear hunt isn’t affected, more importantly I hope everyone stays safe, and the fires can be managed soon.

Good thing it doesn’t have anything to do with human impacts on the environment!

You guys can spout all the dubious “science” you want, but if you beef up the insulation in your house and run the furnace just as hard, it’s gonna get warm in there. And yes, it IS about that simple.

From: Bowboy
Yep getting smoke in SE WY also

Damn, Bowboy - we thought it was a big deal in ‘88 when the skies turned orange in Laramie…

From: woodguy65
I’m in Alberta right now until this Saturday hunting with Mike. I had ash landing on me in stand from fire 30-40 miles away. Breathing smoke - air quality is bad! Smoke so hazy on some nights you lose about 20-30 minutes of shooting time. That said, guys still killing big bears at Mikes.

From: t-roy
Hopefully, you guys get some relief soon!

From: WhattheFOC
Ahh the good old days when we didn’t have any forest fires. Ya right.

The boreal forest tries to burn itself down every spring. It’s 100% natural. It’s good for the forest and it’s good for the ungulates. Been that way forever.

From: Bwhnt
The smoke was blotting out the sun for a few days here in CT

From: Ron Niziolek
And Corax wins the asswipe comment so far…..

From: tthomas
Sadly some anti oil activists are setting some of the fires. If you see a couple slithering through the woods with a jerry can, open up. Think of the potential lives that could be lost.


wyobullshooter's embedded Photo
wyobullshooter's embedded Photo
Like Bowboy said, it’s pretty smoky here in SE Wyoming. The last time it was this smoky in Cheyenne was a couple years ago during the Mullen Creek fire when darn near half the Snowies was on fire…and that was less than 100 miles away. Crazy.

Road closures and motorized vehicle bans are forcing thousands of Alberta citizens to give up their spring bear hunt or camping trip.

Just so people know, Alberta Outfitters are still allowed to take Non-Resident hunters on a quad on the closed roads for a hunt,, public access roads that a Resident would have to walk....

From: Recurve Man
Is Cotex insinuating that the trees are just spontaneously combusting because of global warming. Maybe I’m just reading into wrong.

From: Mad Trapper
Weather forecasters in Pittsburgh yesterday were saying that Pittsburgh was suffering from smoke from the fires in Alberta?

From: 2Wild Bill
The following video of flooding in northern Italy was sad to see also.

Smoke all the way down in Colorado Springs today. Must be bad up there.

From: CFMuley
Just got to Edmonton about an hour ago, and it’s very smoky up here. Almost looks like fog. I was dealing with it in Montana a little this last week, but nothing like this.

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