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From: Groundhunter
I like watching hunting video during recovery. I found this you tube channel called Behind the Bow. Outstanding . Better than what you see on zOutdoor Channel. Amazing the time and effort to do you tube. Hats off to these young chargers.

From: midwest
I like his stuff, too. All public hunting. It would be a lot of work hauling all that camera gear in on every hunt.

From: Shaft2Long
I’m surprised the “content creator” Hunter hasn’t made t.v. Hunting shows extinct. Amazing what some of these people can put together.

For all the bashing of hunting shows, you tube has a lot of great hunting channels. Stuck n the rut, limitless outdoors, and the hunting public are all great as well.

From: Will
Agreed. I've not watched a TV hunting show in longer than I can remember. But YouTube show's like those noted are weekly or more often than that. My kids actually like the hunting public, and they like watching April Vokey (fly fishing - frigging astonishing casting info)... But sometimes they listen to or watch some "local" shows like Hunting Suburbia and a few New England-based content creators.

From: peter.p
Some great Ytube channels....I'd rather watch the hunting public boys shoot 120s all day over watching Drury shoot his 200" out of some enclosed plastic container. Behind the bow is a good one too

From: DanaC
There are a lot of good 'archery' channels and videos on youtube. Setting up a new bow, reviews on every kind of gear, shoots, etc. etc.

From: Jebediah
Dan Infalt on the “Hunting Beast” is pretty good. Beyond hunting, I will say that YouTube has saved me thousands of dollars thanks to the how-to videos.

From: air leak
I search 'self filmed turkey or deer hunting' on YouTube.

I enjoy those videos, and haven't watched a show on TV since forever.

From: Live2Hunt
I started watching youtube years ago after getting sick of the content of commercials, sick of media news, sick of the content of programs, etc. Anything you want to watch or know is on youtube.

From: DanaC
Interesting video on building better arrows. Ypu'll hear guys talk about how they always cut equal amounts off both ends of the shaft. Hold on, Sparky, it ain't that simple. Run-out (wobble) ain't always equal at both ends.

From: Live2Hunt
I haven't watched a TV hunting show for years since we dropped cable. The way media is nowadays, I quit watching mainstream TV 3 4 years ago because I could not stomach WOKE programs, commercials, news, etc. YouTube has been my release. I can find anything I want to learn or watch on there. From old hunting videos, muskey fishing, steelhead fishing, trad hunting, on and on. It is good, but getting WOKE also on content from hunting videos. The one guy got shut down for a bit because he worked the action of his bolt action rifle in a scene. I thought that was odd.

From: TGbow
Yea, there's some good hunting stuff o. Youtube isnpite of some of the negative stuff on there

From: Zbone
Youtube can spoof ya, trust me...8^)

From: Buskill
I used to love to watch hunting vids n shows but I’ve got to where it just doesn’t hold my interest. A hunt for something unusual like a grizz or rare sheep might get me to watch a few minutes but not much else.

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