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Video Camera for Elk Hunt
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From: AStanley96
My dad, brother, and I are going on a guided archery elk hunt in northwest Wyoming this September. We will be packing in on horseback in the Thorofare area. Since this will be such a special trip, we've talked about bringing along a video camera to document the hunt. We will have two guides for the three of us, so one person should be able to film the whole time. We have no experience with filming hunts, so I'm looking to get feedback on what camera may be best. We are not looking for anything super high tech and want it to be small enough to carry around comfortably. Also not looking to spend a fortune on one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

From: cnelk
Id say screw videoing. Its a real PITA. Stay with a camera that takes good pics and then do a slideshow documentary with narrative.

From: sitO

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I think you'll enjoy the footage for years, yes like pictures, but better. You could get a really good camera with an external mic hook up, better zoom, etc, but I think something like this little Sony(link) will be just fine for what you want. Have fun with the family!

From: Glunt@work
A high OPTICAL zoom is your friend.

Stanley, which outfit are you going with. Ill be boehunting the thorofare as well sept 9 to 18.

I was contemplating a go pro, but they are annoying to wear on the head and one more thing to charge. I might bring it for panoramic work, but with a pack, snacks, water, bow and pistol youre already looking at 25lbs. Id prefer to carry no weight personally, but thats just me.

My brother always brings along a GoPro and does simple early morning stuff like date, where we are hunting, etc... We have captured more cool footage for amateurs than you would think and is always fun to watch these back at deer camp etc... So I guess my 2 cents worth is bring a GoPro and you wont regret it. extra batteries/battery pack and some solar for the backcountry. Have a great hunt!

From: Medicinemann
Sito X 2

From: JohnMC
I agree with Glunt on high optical zoom, but will add when using a lot of zoom a tripod becomes a must or you likely will have so much shake it is almost unwatchable.

From: Glunt@work
When videoed hunts for a living I packed a carbon tripod with a fluid head. Turns out they are amazing for glassing smoothly

From: JTreeman
I have a hard enough time killing stuff without trying to get video ;)

I’ve done a few out of blinds(Turkeys and Africa), I really wouldn’t even attempt spot and stalk stuff.

Honesty for me I prefer the pictures. I simply never sit down and watch a video. I have a bunch of kill shot footage of African stuff, I bet I’ve watched it two maybe 3 times in the last 8 years.

And I can’t think of much that I would find more cringe than watching a video of myself sitting talking to the camera.

But some guys certainly do some great video stuff, good luck and share some on BS when you get home.


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