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RMBS Bighorn & other raffle winners
Wild Sheep
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KHunter 21-May-23
Treeline 21-May-23
sticksender 21-May-23
yooper89 22-May-23
Shrewski 22-May-23
From: KHunter

KHunter's Link
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society. raised severl hundred thousand dollars for wild sheep culminating with our Annual REndezvous event in Grand Junction, Colo this weekend. What a great time with a large crowd of sheep nuts. Weblink is to the FB live video of the drawings. For the sheep draw it is the keys to the tumblr lock you may see drop in front.

We have raffle winners! Thank you to everyone that purchased tickets this year, and congratulations to the winners!

CO Statewide Bighorn Sheep Ticket No. 3365, Aaron Louks, Minnesota

CO Statewide Mountain Goat Ticket No. 701, Evan Eschmeyer, Colorado

CO Statewide Pronghorn Ticket No. 719, Roger Steele, Colorado

Weaver 6.5 PRC Ticket No. 455, Steve Iribarren, Washington

Weaver 300 PRC Ticket No. 45, Dusty Ricker, Colorado

Swarovski Optics #1 Ticket No. 10, Brian Bruce, Missouri

Swarovski Optics #2 Ticket No. 109, Mitch Perry, Colorado

Swarovski Optics #3 Ticket No. 205, Fran Yesh, Michigan

From: Treeline
Another swing and miss…. Congratulations to the winners!

From: sticksender
Congrats to the RMBS on another great fundraising effort.

From: yooper89
Interesting that I, a cisgender white male, didn’t win any of the raffles I put into… the bud light of raffles.

Congrats to those who won. My numbers weren’t even close!

From: Shrewski
Great cause and appreciate all the work and sacrifice the crew puts into this. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations to the winners.

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