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Early Longtail Milo
Whitetail Deer
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Bake 22-May-23
fdp 22-May-23
Buckdeer 22-May-23
From: Bake
Anyone ever planted Early Longtail Milo? Any luck? Pointers?

I have a 5 acre plot below my house that sees nightly deer use, and there's some quail around too.

Currently the plot was fall planted to wheat/oats, peas, brassicas, etc. I'd like to offer something that will tempt the deer, as well as provide cover and food for the quail that around. I'm training a pointer pup, so I'm more concerned with the birds. I'd like some wild birds to play with, and some cover for training birds as well.

Anyone ever mixed the milo with beans? Friend of mine suggested adding beans for the deer. The rest of the farm I live on is planted in commercial corn this year. So I know we'll get some deer bedding in the corn and eating in my plot if I can provide them anything attractive.


From: fdp
A friend of mine used to plant Milo in Lee County Texas and everything loved it.

From: Buckdeer
Milo is great for quail and everything else will eat it also including coons and turkeys.Deer prefer it when in milk stage when green.When planting don't plant too close and fertilize as recommended. If it has a low tannin level then blackbirds will hit it also.We have alot a milo planted for ag crop this year.I haven't ever planted the long tail variety.

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