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rebelmdb 24-May-23
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rebelmdb 25-May-23
From: rebelmdb
I have been looking at putting in for the Montana 700 district for an antelope hunt. I have some good ideas where I want to head but I am curious how the population has been on public. Also is feasible to knock on doors and try to gain access on private as well out there? I plan to bow hunt in Sept and if unsuccessful swing back up during the firearms season with my daughter. Any help or pointers would be appreciated, I should also mention I have emailed the biologist as well and just waiting to hear back from them. Just looking for some first hand experience. Thanks

Took 4 points for us to draw in 2021.

From: rebelmdb
I have 3 points, I have been putting in and looking at maps trying to make a good decision to increase my odds lol

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