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rjlefty3 25-May-23
Old Reb 25-May-23
sasquatch 25-May-23
GFL 25-May-23
From: rjlefty3
So my Dad's bow wasn't shooting right so he brought it to me to look it over. I have most of the needed equipment and can get by with most things but I don't claim to be an expert. Anyway, it's a 2008 Bowtech General. He's been having trouble with shooting - it's shooting way right vs last year. I'm a lefty and he's a righty so I can't really test it out for myself. I think it's something with his alignment (he doesn't use a peep I think he's looking at the site from an angle). But as I looked it over I noticed it only had 1 draw stop on the top cam. The bottom cam is slotted so I assumed it was missing and bought some from LuckyStops (there are 2 per package). I put them in the equivalent slots on the bottom cam, but that's clearly not right as I can't come to full draw if I do that.

I looked at the manual online but really didn't find it very helpful in this regard. I looked online for pics supporting 2 draw stops, but there's aren't any that are clear, but as best I can tell it doesn't look like there are. He doesn't remember, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out! Does the General only have a draw stop on the top cam? If not, how offset is the one on the bottom cam? Appreciate any help on this one because this one has me confused!

From: Old Reb
Idk. You could try calling Bowtech and maybe someone there could help you.

From: sasquatch
Those older bow techs only had one draw stop from factory. That don’t mean two isn’t better.

If adding one is preventing you from drawing it, it seems the cams are way out of time. They should in theory end up at the same point of rotation at the same time.

From: GFL
Correct you can add a draw stop. They came with only one.

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