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This will get your blood pumping....!!
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From: Medicinemann

Medicinemann's Link
Enjoy.....that had to be less than 10 yards....maybe even 5....!!

The Guide was Peter Barela same guy that guided Forest about 10 years ago.

From: greg simon
Way less than 10 yards!!! Wow! I shot a bull elk at 3 yards and it was a little spooky. Can't imagine a brown bear at that distance!!! Intestinal fortitude there for sure!

From: TEmbry
4 yard shot on a coastal brown bear takes some balls of steel no doubt.

From: JTreeman
I saw they earlier this week. Had a similar discussion with my buddy. He decided honestly that he might not have been able to keep it together. It is certainly easy to talk tough on the bowsite, but I honestly think I would have been totally fine, only issue is I may have been tempted to take that frontal at about 10 yards. Or maybe I would have popped my pants, hard to say from my easy chair…


From: ahunter76

ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
Some got it, some don't.

From: RK
I’m with you Treeman. I’ve been close and really close to lots of dangerous or semi dangerous animal in my career but a big bear like that I’m not sure I could hold it together

From: Bowboy
That’s up close and personal

Jim, I think I’d held it together too. I wouldn’t have wanted to. But, I think I’d realized failing wasn’t an option.

From: SBH
Stone cold

From: Treeline
Definitely one to burn the carbon off the plugs…

Heck, even I could probably hit a bear at that range;-).

Would love to get a brown bear with a selfbow, river cane arrow and stone tip… That would be a good range!

From: sticksender
Amazing. Looked like the bear might've hesitated for just a moment at the shot, as if debating ever so briefly whether to flee or stay and smack whatever did that to him.

From: drycreek
Yeah, that’s “put up or shut up” time. I think I’ll just shut up. I’ve been that close to a couple of pissed off boar hogs, but they hardly ever get that big ! :-)

From: TonyBear
I was about10 yds away from a running bear who didn't see me. Once he did , crash, jump up into a tree. Slid down the tree a few times to check me out and chomping jowls. That was a black bear, this is something entirely different....

From: bigswivle
Grande cajones

From: butcherboy
Showed it to my wife and kids. All my wife said was “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! OH HELL NO!”


Close indeed!

From: Kurt
That is damn exciting and great video footage!

Know the Guide/Outfitter Pete Barela from back when he was just a young man up in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO. Great job Pete, getting the bowhunter into the right spot and letting him arrow the bear!!!

From: Medicinemann
I'm wondering about the set-up. Did the guide somehow have the camera attached to the backup rifle, is the cameraman a third guy, or was the guide holding the camera with the gun at his side? Adrenaline rushing video for sure!!

From: t-roy
That would take the pucker factor to the next level, for sure!

From: LBshooter

From: Stoneman
No where to run! That’s where trusting your guide takes on a whole new meaning.


FORESTBOWS 's embedded Photo
FORESTBOWS 's embedded Photo
My shot with this guide was 10 yards maybe less. Pete is good at getting you close.

From: yooper89
Shot at 14ft according to the shooter. Pretty badass

From: Mike B
I could train my body for such a hunt...but how do you train your sphincter?

From: Zbone
WOW! Chilling....

From: Shiloh
Honestly I'm thinking that I am not 100% sure I want to be in that position, but if I was in that position what other option would I have? That would be a terrible time to fall apart;)

From: Rut Nut
From: Mike B01-Jun-23

I could train my body for such a hunt...but how do you train your sphincter?

One of the best all-time Bowsite quotes! ;-)

From: TMac
I would’ve shot sooner out of fear of being attacked. How that would’ve turned out is a whole different story. Maybe just a wounded pissed off bear?

From: RonP
i think 20-30 years ago when i knew everything and was bullet proof, i could've hung in there and made the shot at close range. nowadays, i'm less likely, with a bow anyway.

From: deerhunter72
Incredible! I'm not that mad at any bear to get that close...

From: njbuck
Wow, talk about an adrenaline filled moment! I am glad it worked out well.

From: Kurt
Bowhunting.....stalking, then blood trailing arrowed bears is about as exciting a thing as I've done....

From: Old School
Crazy intense for sure.

This is one of those things that I’d just as soon live it vicariously - watching someone else’s experience.

No desire to be there in real life.

Very high on my bucket list....but I don't want to feel his breath on me before I shoot!

From: Will
That was amazing!

From: Hollywood
Jake, There's a lot going on here and this looks like one of those instances where they fell into a perfect ambush. Brown bear hunting is often that way.

The cameraman is definitely third guy, probably Pete's assistant guide, or an observer. He falls prey to what happens to a lot of camera guys during real intense situations, especially guys who are asked to film and don't film all the time. He starts watching with his eyes and he's not watching through the eyepiece or monitor. Odd ball 19x6 Portrait format is a dead give away that it was filmed with a phone and probably was a last minute thought, like, "this is going to be awesome, I better film it in case we all die!"

The whole set up is reminiscent of the fred bear classic. The wind is perfect, they're in a ditch along the brushline, bear walks by, his eye goes behind the rock and the bowhunter slowly swings on him and cuts the arrow loose. It's intense for sure, but the bear never sees them, and let's be honest, there's a reason for 3-6 yard shots in 3-D tournaments. They're hard and they are often hard in a "hurry up situation" for people that don't shoot instinctively or bowfish without sights. At that point the guy is looking at nothing but a wall of hair.

Great bear. Great experience.


From: APauls
That experience will never be topped.

From: Rock

Rock's embedded Photo
Rock's embedded Photo
I also hunted and shot my Bear with Pete in 2012. Shot was between 3 & 10 yards, after I stood up in front of it to stop it at 3 yards. Bear was running uphill straight at me without knowing I was there on the exact trail it had used the evening before. Had one negative thought while Bear was approaching and that was "this may not turn out well"

From: Shick
Way beyond my capabilities that's for sure; Ron, great photo. Luv the bow. Shick

Yikes that’s a good one.

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