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Crossing the Canada Border
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From: Sivart
Going on my first bear hunt next spring. I'll be driving from home. Just curious what all I need to know on crossing the border?

I have a passport. Anything else needed?

Do I dare take my 9MM with me? I never leave home without it in the states. Any other weird items to avoid? thanks

From: JTreeman
Absolutely no handguns in Canada!!!!! Don’t even say you thought about it!!!!

Don’t need anything but a passport.


From: skull
Yes I agree Jim, Don’t even say you thought about it or you may be going back to the USA And if you ever got changed with DUI you’re not allowed in the country

From: bghunter
Yea, don't even joke around at the border of having a handgun or anything that is illegal. Since you always have your 9mm before you leave. Search every nook and cranny to make sure you have no loose rounds, old magazines, holsters etc.

Be respectful answer their questions and you will be across in no time.

From: Brijake
What do guys do if they fly to hunt bears, do you bring the hide back in a cooler on the airplane? I assume so but wondering logistics with the airlines.

From: Sean D.
Brijake, yep throw it in a cooler and pay excess baggage fees.

From: CFMuley
I’ve done it twice now and it was super easy. First time they just checked out passport and sent us on our way. We didn’t even have to get out of the truck going into Canada or returning to the US with our bears. This last trip I took a rifle so I had to stop, have my form stamped, and pay a fee for my gun permit. They didn’t even look at the rifle or check my truck. Upon returning to the US, I had to fill out a USDA wildlife declaration form. They made copies of my form and sent me on my way again without checking my bears or my truck.

From: Dale06
What JTreeman said is spot on. I crossed last week to fish.

From: Starfire
Last time I went thru they were mostly concerned about eggs and live bait.

From: spike buck
They asked a hunter last week how many guns the hunter had at home in the states. Very intrusive!!

That’s a little outta line no spike?? What does that have to do with them coming to Canada to go on a bear hunt.

“Oh nope, you have to many guns we don’t want you here”

From: Franzen
It is Canada. It seems "They" only want compliant Americans whom have been properly socially engineered. Some that aren't fall through the cracks. ;)

From: Sivart
Is there any problem having bear spray?

From: molsonarcher
Its a very simple process, especially without firearms. The last 2 years we have driven up to bear hunt, it hasnt taken 2 minutes at the border to get in or out. This year they made us fill out declaration forms for our bears we were bringing back back, but that was easy also. We cross at a lesser used port, and some of the busy ones will have a wait, but the process is very easy.

From: Bou’bound
if you are not bringing alcohol, tobacco, or firearms you're golden. clean living has it's rewards.

From: Shiras42
Sivart, they actually do frequently ask about bear spray, or at least for me. Make sure that it is an actual big cannister of bear spray and not a small concealable one. No mace or pepper spray, it must be bear spray.

From: Sivart
Can bows be in a soft case, or do you need a hard case? I know I'm probably overthinking. Just trying to cover my basis. I've heard too many horror stories

From: molsonarcher
Sivart, last year when we crossed, my bow was in a soft case. This year in a hard case. Zero issues with either.

From: t-roy
Sivart…….are you going by yourself? If you’re bringing one of your minor children, you need to bring some kind of documentation from your spouse, that the child does, indeed have permission to cross the border with you. Kind of a crock, if you ask me, but we almost got turned away one year, when my minor nephew went fishing with us, including his grandfather. We were unaware of this regulation. Fortunately, they let it slide.

From: Kurt
I've crossed with my bow with quiver on, loaded with broadhead equipped arrows laid out on the bed in my truck camper....and had the border agent really interested in how my Prime bow shot.

Not necessarily recommended but bows aren't the issue for crossing, but firearms certainly are and require paperwork to be filled out...and no handguns or semi-auto M16 type rifles.

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