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Fires put Quebec Bear Hunt On Hold
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Three Fingers 07-Jun-23
molsonarcher 07-Jun-23
Rut Nut 07-Jun-23
huntr4477 07-Jun-23
Mike Ukrainetz 07-Jun-23
wytex 07-Jun-23
Groundhunter 07-Jun-23
Mike Ukrainetz 08-Jun-23
Rut Nut 08-Jun-23
I have a Quebec bear hunt scheduled for next week. My outfitter called and said the government has closed all access to Crown land indefinitely due to hot dry conditions. He is not even permitted to tend his baits, which is another concern. The area of my hunt is 75 miles from the nearest fire. Just south of Val-d'or. Those of you with hunts planned might want to check in with your outfitters.

From: molsonarcher
Man thats a bummer. Hopefully he doesnt get burned out too bad and can move you to another year, or they get a monsoon to put it out quickly.

Lots of fires up north this year, and we had smoke/haze on our bear hunt in Manitoba from the fires in Alberta, and then another in Manitoba. It didnt seem to bother the bears much, but the fires werent close either. 75 miles is close!

From: Rut Nut
I was wondering if any of the Outfitters/bear hunters were affected...................sorry to hear it! : (

From: huntr4477
7 or 8 years ago our spring hunt was cut short by forest fires. We were hunting the Gouin Reservoir area in Quebec. We saw smoke in the distance on our first few days of hunting. It was getting closer and closer. We woke up one morning to the sound of float planes and helicopters landing in our boat docks and camp parking area. It was a large crew of government firefighters, and they had to take over the camp. The road from Gouin to LaTuque was quickly being encroached by the flames. We only had a couple hours to pack up and get out before the road would be closed, and we would have to take a long 400 mile detour to get home. It was a scary ride on the 120 mile bush road!

That is nuts that they shut down all access to crown land! Public land, can you imagine if they tried to do that anywhere in the USA?! Shut a whole state down from all public land use?! It’s all about control and politics. We ran our hunts within 2 miles of the fires here in Alberta, as long as we weren’t downwind and we had an escape route in case of wind shift.

That sucks for the hunters and the outfitter especially since these fires are being purposely lit, eco terrorists? Climate change activists?

From: wytex
Forests have been hut down in USA over extreme conditions because unfortunately some folks think fire bans don't pertain to them. \ Happens in Wyoming and Colorado before, during and after wildfires depending on conditions in the fire areas. We've had areas closed to hunting during the season because of fires.

From: Groundhunter
In the UP no burning of anything is on Tinder dry

It’s not just a fire ban it’s a complete access ban to huge areas where there are no fires! You can’t even walk in the woods. It’s ridiculous government overreach, the beginning of Climate Change lockdowns is what it is. I’ve seen Alberta much drier than this with nowhere near this many fires. But if Eco Terrorists/Climate activists go around setting dozens of fires at the same time then it’s a problem. They are probably on the government payroll.

From: Rut Nut
Is the ban for the entire Province of Quebec or more?

Yeah, I could see keeping all citizens out of a certain (limited)area that is burning to keep people safe, but an all out ban for the Province or bigger is rediculous!

But nothing would surprise me after how the Governments took complete control during COVID! I think we need another REVOLUTION to push back against government over-reach! : (

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