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Colo Goat Hunter Meet+Greet July 8th
Mountain Goat
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Colorado Sheep and Mt. Goat tag holders are invited to the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society Sheep and Goat Hunter Meet & Greet on July 8th in Golden Colorado. Details in attached flyer and you should RSVP here: https://www.bighornsheep.org/meet-greet/

If you let us know what unit and season you are hunting we will do our best to have folks with experience on that hunt to look over maps and discuss strategy with you. This event is a lot of fun and it is all about helping our next crop of sheep and goat hunters make the most of their opportunity. We had over 100 participants last year. Feel free to DM with questions or comment below.

Also want to EMPHASIZE, if you have hunted sheep or mountain goat in Colorado we want and need you to attend and help be the mentor to the new hunters for your prior hunt unit. Step up and pay it forward to the folks walking in your footsteps! And have a fun time reliving past hunts while you do. Win/Win. Agein, please RSVP here and list the units you know or the units you are coming to learn about:


From: KHunter

From: KHunter

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We had 115 folks attend the Meet & Greet. Really becoming the must-do event for folks drawing Colo Sheep and Goat tags.

Many thanks to the couple dozen folks who showed up simply to pay it forward and educate the latest crop of bighorn and mountain goat hunters. Pretty extraordinary seeing so many groups of folks pouring over maps about specific basins and discussing hunt strategies.

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