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Central Mountain Manti LE Archery Bull
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casper 16-Jun-23
Traveler 04-Jul-23
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From: casper
Utah Central Mountain Manti LE Archery Bull Elk is on its way and I'm excited for another DIY archery hunt. I have been a bowsite member for 28 years but had to just register because of a new email address. I was hoping that some other bowsite members may have some experience in this unit. I am 55 years old from Arizona and have been in this western points game for a long time. This hunt took 19 nonresident points and might be my only LE archery bull elk tag in Utah in my lifetime. Utah has been good to me for archery hunting, I drew a San Juan archery mule deer tag in 2008 and missed a giant and killed a 150. In 2011, I drew a Beaver mountain goat permit with max points and shot a big ol' billy with my bow on Circleview Mnt. In 2020, I used my antelope points on a Mount Dutton tag and killed an average buck but had a great time with my son. I have experience with archery elk hunting but not in Utah's Central Mountain Manti unit which is way different than AZ. I was looking for how to go about breaking down this unit and deciding where to spend my time hunting. Scouting the skyline road with our winter snow this year might be late July. I'm not sure. I am going to hunt from Sept 7th to Sept 19th. I thought I would skip Labor Day because I thought it would be a zoo up there. If Any members could give me advice that have hunted there, I would appreciate it. Maybe private land fee verse public? Chase bugles or sit wallows or water? I prefer to hunt on water or wallows during midday to catch those bigger bulls coming in after they have bedded their cows for the morning. Maybe someone has had past success with this method and can pass on some areas for this type of ambush. All in All I'm in it for the memories with my son and my wife might even go. First off my boots are ready and I have decent equipment for everything else. One last question, how bad will the pressure be with deer and spike bull hunters at the same time just so I'm mentally prepared and know what I'm in for?

Thanks Dan

From: Traveler
Congratulations! That should be a fun hunt. I am no expert and don't have any advice for that unit. I have been looking into that unit for a while for myself Good luck! Dan

From: HDE
Hunted it in 2015 what was then the late season. Areas we hunted were torched a few years ago, but not everywhere we went.

Places we hunted had rubs next to roads, so we hunted where they rutted.

Get away from roads well traveled (as usual) for the best action. We accessed Skyline close to Tucker and hunted southwest of there.

From: nmwapiti
Had the same tag last year. PM me. I hunted 28 days and didn't kill. Missed one good bull. It's a tough hunt. My story is on bowsite.


BULELK1's Link
Very good thread for sure.

See my link above,


From: casper
Thanks Rob for posting Jasons hunt i PM him.

You are Welcome,


From: SteveB
Manti, I had 19 points as well and wasn’t sure I’d draw it and went for Book Cliffs instead and drew it (2 applicants at 19 with one tag) . You will have an outstanding hunt no doubt. Lots of outstanding guides there as well that really know the unit should you choose to go that route- worth considering. Congratulations!

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