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Clearwater Florida fishing guide advice
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Blue Buck 18-Jun-23
Bowfreak 18-Jun-23
bghunter 18-Jun-23
The last savage 26-Jun-23
From: Blue Buck
Any recommendations for a fishing guide in the Clearwater Florida area? We are open to any species. There are many listed on but just looking for any way to sort out a good one. Thanks in advance!

From: Bowfreak
We just fished with a guide this week out of Ozona. The fishing was slow but he was a great guide. My family members have fished with him in the past and slayed fish. If you are interested, let me know and I’ll send you his information.

From: bghunter
I sent you a pm

Haaa. I just bought a lot there in February, fished my ass off for 10 days, if your a pretty good fisherman, you need no guide bro, I absolutely killed um, largemouth were big and often...on a borrowed boat.

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