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Sleeping pads light/warm
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caribou77 11-Jul-23
JTreeman 11-Jul-23
PushCoArcher 11-Jul-23
WhattheFOC 11-Jul-23
Nick Muche 11-Jul-23
Beendare 12-Jul-23
Brotsky 12-Jul-23
Michael 12-Jul-23
Scoot 12-Jul-23
TEmbry 13-Jul-23
Grey Ghost 13-Jul-23
BMF11 01-Aug-23
From: caribou77
After about freezing to death in SE Alaska back in 2021 on my goat hunt I’ve learned a thing or two. Like the fact my 0 degree sleeping bag sucked by comparison to my new western mountaineering alpinlite. Heck it’s a pound lighter and twice as warm. My old sleeping pad was a cabelas exp , with a r value of 1.5 ish and almost 2 pounds.

So after reviewing many threads it looks like a thermarest xtherm is probably gonna be ordered soon. Any other newer lastest greatest options I should look at? The xtherm saves me close to a pound and adds 5.5 r value. :)

From: JTreeman
Thermarest X-therm.


From: PushCoArcher
Another vote for the X-therm.

From: WhattheFOC
Ever tried an exped? OMG - better than my bed at home.

From: Nick Muche
Xtherm when weight matters, EXPed Downmat when it doesn’t.

From: Beendare
A high R value pad is a must with a Down bag. The Expeds and Thermarest X therm are both good.

From: Brotsky
I love my exped downmat, I'll take a bigger dump in the morning to shed the extra pound :)

From: Michael
Pm sent

From: Scoot
I got a Big Agnes Q-Core SLX a couple years ago and I've been really happy with it. It's much more comfortable than my Xterm. R value isn't quite as high as the Xtherm, but it's still good and it's a lot lighter than the Expeds.

If it's going to be really cold, I take the Xtherm. If only down to about freezing, I take the BA.

From: TEmbry
Hard to beat xtherm for the weight, although it’s annoying when a camping partner has one as it sounds like they are rolling over on a half full foil bag of Doritos. I picked up a sea to summit last year as a bigger quieter option with minimal weight penalties and I think it was worth the trade off for pack weight.

From: Grey Ghost
Is anyone else using a bag with a pad sleeve or pocket built in? My Big Agnes 0 degree bag has an inside pocket for the pad. I love never sliding or rolling off the pad any more. No idea what my bag/pad combo weighs or the R values, but I've never been cold in it, even in sub-zero temps.


From: BMF11
Anyone use the Exped Ultra 5R pad? Wondering if it’s similar to the Downmat that has your rave reviews?

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