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Carry cell phone
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From: MF
First time using Onx for elk. How do you carry your phone in the field? Was thinking about one of those upper arm bands. Dont really like carrying it in pants pocket.

From: bowhunt
Hip belt pocket on my pack is where mine goes.

From: KHNC
I carry two cell phones. The one that has service stays turned off in my pack unless im using it to message on InReach. The second I use for Onx Mapping. I use wifi to download all maps prior to arriving at my hunt area. This way i dont risk damaging or losing my main phone. I keep it in my pants pocket within easy reach.

From: HDE
Side pocket (cargo style) on pants. Easy access to use on the move.

I would think an arm band to be more of an obstacle than anything else.

From: TurboT
I use KUIU bin harness and they have an extra cell phone case that can attach. It could probably fit most bino harnesses. I like the ease for sliding it out and taking pics.

From: Darrell
I go back and forth between my pant pockets and a pouch I added to the hip belt of my pack. What I wish OnX or Gaia would do is work with Garmin so waypoints would connect to my watch. That way I could hit "Go to waypoint X" and then not have to get my phone out. Just look at my watch for 787 yards at 157 degrees.

From: Jethro
Right side cargo pants pocket.

From: Bowbender
Whatever you use, I would make sure it's on a tether. A few years back, during a late season flintlock hunt, I thought I slid my phone back in my upper vest pocket. I didn't. Instead it slid down the inside of my bibs and onto the ground. Was getting dark, freezing rain and snow, combined with a camo phone case made it pretty much invisible. Thank God for Apples "Find my Iphone".

From: WhattheFOC

From: Grey Ghost
In a zippered waist belt pocket on my day pack usually. Easy access and no worries about losing it or getting damaged.

From: Murph
AGC bino harness

From: Lawdog
I use a pouch on my belt that has a latch that secures the phone. As long as I do my part, it cannot get lost or misplaced. If I need to have for ready navigation, I attach it instead to the chest strap on my pack.

From: DonVathome
In my pack in a ziplock bag. Get an otterbox defender case. If I used it as gps then in my pocket, same place as a gps. I would be very careful and every time I get up I triple check I am not leaving anything behind.

From: TonyBear
Weatherproof pouch around the neck or a inner pocket.

Samsungs today aren't as reliable as the two Casio armored phones I had ten years ago. One was 3G, the other was 4G. My son broke the 4G almost as soon as he got it, the 3G ...well that platform is now gone.

What I want and need is a phone that gets the best signal (we still have dead areas in MN and NW WI, MI UP) and doesn't lock me out all day since its stuck in some update function. You know the kind you set for 2 AM instead of while afield.

I religiously carry a flashlight, whistle and 1-2 compasses, and the family has a hand drawn map and GPS locations where to find me.

From: Michael
I always use right side cargo pocket. Easy to reach if I need to use Gaia or OnX or take a photo.

From: Grey Ghost
Tony, I’m pretty sure most cell phones allow you to shut off automatic updates and backups, if you want. As for reception, my iPhone and my buddy’s android get nearly identical signals both using Verizon.


From: PushCoArcher
Either in my vest pocket or bino harness.

Carry mine for gps in my Bino harness. Regular phone in pack

From: JohnMC
Tony what kind of cell phone are you using? Sounds like you might of gotten a special from North Korea.

From: Pop-r
Upper arm band and a whistle and a map to find me. Lol

From: Tilzbow
Zippered side KUIU pants cargo pocket, side pockets in shorts or a back pocket with jeans. I don’t use water protection, other than what the phone was built with. I just use a Spec case to protect against drop impact. Newer iPhones (at least from iPhone 11 which was released in 2019) have an IP68 rating.

A rating of “IP68” means it's fully protected from dust and can handle being underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters. If your phone gets dropped in a puddle, or a shallow pool, or gets wet from the rain, it will be just fine.

From: Blood
I put it in my side cargo pocket or in my side belt pouch of my Kifaru pack.

From: Jaquomo
Hip belt pouch on my hunting pack. It's not like I look at the thing every five minutes.

Vest pocket that zips.

Good luck, Robb

Cargo pocket on pants or in a shirt pocket if it’s early and late enough in the day to be wearing a button up shirt.

From: MF
Thanks for the replies, gonna try to rig a pouch on the pack belt. I use the same pack to pack in and as a day pack.

From: Goelk
Hip belt pouch on my hunting pack

From: W
Bono harness

From: TGbow
I carry mine in my pocket and set it in my backpack while I'm hunting

From: ElkNut1
Hip belt pouch on my left side of my Exo pack, works perfect. On my right side is my Ivory Holsters for my weapon. Great balance!


From: TGbow
I carry a pocket juice charger also..just in case. I usually have service but I'm sure some of you fellas that hunt real remote areas have some dead spots as far as coverage.

I like the “Marsupial” phone pouch. Attaches nicely to backpack strap if you don’t use a bino harness. Then you still have hip belt pouch for range finder, wind checker etc…

From: Bent arrow
Buy good pouch at army surplus. Mine in bino harness.

I use one the hip belt pouches in my Stone Glacier.

From: SteveB
Zip to close pocket only

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