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Airlines that banned antlers?
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DonVathome 14-Jul-23
Grey Ghost 14-Jul-23
DonVathome 23-Jul-23
Don K 23-Jul-23
Tilzbow 23-Jul-23
808bowhunter 25-Jul-23
From: DonVathome
llamapacker mentioned some airlines have banned antlers as checked bags, can someone add names of airlines that ban antlers as baggage? I checked and United still permits them. This could be a very helpful reference to others going forward.

From: Grey Ghost
Frontier and Delta allow them for additional fees, and there are weight and linear dimension restrictions.


From: DonVathome
Thanks! Anyone else? This could be a good resource. I have always thought a cheap duffle bag is perfect for cut off antlers. Cover tips, stick in bag, done. That said I cannot find a large cheap bag for under $100

From: Don K
Have you looked at the military duffel bags? Not sure if they are large enough for what your looking for but they are not expensive and have flown with them numerous times.

From: Tilzbow
Airline rules can change at the drop of a hat. I always check the specific airline’s baggage rules before I book and again before I pack. Some even print out the rules and take to the airport just in case the counter agent checking in your bags isn’t up to speed.

From: 808bowhunter
Even with the airline’s that accept them, no rack that you really want to keep intact meets the dimensions. Once you cut in half, I stuff a ton of light bulky gear in the voids and wrap with cardboard/plastic wrap. Can hardly tell what they are after that

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