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Killer bear pardoned
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Lewis 15-Jul-23
Corax_latrans 15-Jul-23
drycreek 15-Jul-23
Bou'bound 15-Jul-23
bowhunt 15-Jul-23
t-roy 15-Jul-23
WhattheFOC 16-Jul-23
Bent arrow 16-Jul-23
Corax_latrans 16-Jul-23
ki-ke 16-Jul-23
APauls 17-Jul-23
TonyBear 17-Jul-23
Corax_latrans 17-Jul-23
From: Lewis
Don’t know what happened to my post yesterday but here is what it was about.A brown bear in Italy killed a jogger and it had attacked other people on two or three occasions.The bear was given a pardon and will be moved to a fenced in location.This is part of a reintroduction of bears to that mountainous area.There have also been other bear attacks on humans. I did not make this up.Lewis

“Bear” with me on this….

Is this one of those situations where they are running critically low on DNA?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a specific need for vengeance or retribution against “a bear which was just being a bear” if there is a suitable means of keeping that particular bear safely away from any further potential victims. It’s not like a mentally competent human murderer who should’ve known better in the first place.

Free-Range? No question you have to have that one put down, even when (thinking Tourons of Yellowstone here) the human in question paid good money for that mauling.

But if the population is really low, the genetic contribution of that one bear could be worth more than we know.

So I guess what I’m saying is that even though this bear probably should’ve been stopped sooner, now that he is going to be safely (?) locked up in basically a very large zoo, maybe the species is better off keeping him in the gene pool…

From: drycreek
Evidently they can hardly bear to convict a murderer over there ! The other attackees probably barely escaped with their lives. It seems too much to bear ! 8-(

From: Bou'bound
That’s the polar opposite of what we would do here if something so grizzly happened to a person.

From: bowhunt
I’m kind of thinking this bear is out of the gene pool once it’s in the cage.

Unless they are going to manually collect semen if it’s a male(can we say that?) , and then tranquilizer wild female (hope no one’s offended)bears to inseminate.

If it’s a female, maybe they will manually collect semen samples from the wild male bears and inseminate this one in the enclosure, then release the offspring?

Genetic diversity seems like a stretch for keeping it caged up

From: t-roy
They’re just panda-ing to the AR wackos.

From: WhattheFOC
The violent mood swings makes me think this might be a bi-polar bear. Either that, or he just likes eating Italian.

From: Bent arrow
Bears were here long before man. Weather it b a bear, cat or any other critter. They r doin what God created them to do. Survive. I hunt bears and cats. Respect um all. We have taken their space from them. We don't go out and kill the idiots in our society who kill others. Give um a pass.

Well played, gents!

From: ki-ke
Some funny jackasses on

From: APauls
Nothing wrong with a bear being a bear. Nothing wrong with a human being a human and eliminating the animals that kill them. Can't forget that part of the equation. As far as what we SHOULD do with human murderers and what we actually do with human murderers is a topic for a different thread and a different website.

From: TonyBear
APauls you got that right, we eliminate lions, tigers, leopards, bears, pythons, crocs, gators, and wolves (yup even wolves) who have killed humans. Putting people first is my motto.

If the nature fakers have an issue with it they can be penned in with the animal who attacked their fellow human.

“a topic for a different thread and a different website.”

Thank you, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

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