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ShoshoneAdventure 18-Jul-23

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If you are still looking for a good, guided hunt this fall, here are couple dates for BIG spot and stalk bucks in Alberta. Near Medicine Hat, Zones 118,119 and 116 - Fly into Calgary and drive up or fly into Medicine Hat and get picked up. Hotel accommodations are included in the cost of the hunt, food is not included. Targeting 170+ bucks...and there is a great opportunity at a big buck if you can make the shot count (lots of misses last year). I have plenty of photos of huge bucks posing horizontal for pictures. 8/31 to 9/10 (longer hunt due to cancellations and where the days fall on the calendar). 9/17 to 9/24 There is room on both dates for 1, 2x1 hunts or 2, 1x1 hunts. All private land of course. 2x1 $9000 1x1 $10,000 PM for more details Peyton This price includes the guided hunt, hotel cost AND the 5% Canadian GST.

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