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Our next generation of hunters
Whitetail Deer
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Pete In Fairbanks 21-Jul-23
From: Michael

Michael's embedded Photo
Michael's embedded Photo
When our grandson comes over one of the first things he says is Deer. What he wants is to go into my man cave to look at and pet the mounts but won’t go alone.

Well this week mom and dad loaded him up to go scouting for deer. After seeing dad look at deer through the binoculars he had to have a look. Lol

He turned 2 in May. So this summer was his first time in the boat. At the house it was hell to get him to keep the life jacket on. When we got to the lake he got upset when I got out of the truck to launch the boat. He thought i was leaving him on shore. After we were able to get him calmed down and into his life jacket. He had a ball driving around the lake steering grandpas boat. Now when he sees a few extra rods I have in the man cave it’s fish fish he wants to go fishing.

Grandpa has a new hunting and fishing buddy.

From: ahawkeye
That is awesome! I'm not ready for my kids to be parents yet but I wouldn't mind grandparenthood!

From: Scoot
That really is awesome! Ahawkeye, I feel the same way. Too soon to happen (not biologically, just in terms of my kids' readiness), but it will be fun when it eventually does.

The first step in becoming a grandparent is being a parent your kids respect. It appears you did well.

From: 12yards
Judging by the angle of the binos, I'm guessing he'll be a treestand hunter. Or maybe one that starts at high elevation at first light.

From: tobywon

From: midwest
Thanks for passing it on!

From: Supernaut

From: Michael
Thanks everyone.

Hawkeye and Scoot the best thing about being a grandparent is getting to enjoy all the great fun together and spoiling them. Then sending them home to mom and dad.

12 yards working on that already. I keep an arrow in my man cave in reach for him to play with as well. The things young kids find fun in playing with. Grandma has a bunch of antique kitchen utensils as decorations. After a weekend of him at the house they are laying everywhere in the house.

From: Dale06
My son (44 years old) is an avid hunter/shooter, archery and firearms. I started him with a bow at about 10 years old. He arrowed two does his first year of hunting, believe he was 12. I have only grand daughters so will see if they’re hunters. I see tv shows where kids that appear to be 5-6 years old, sitting in a tower blind, with a cross bow on a rest, loaded and scoped. All the kid does is look thru the scope and pull the trigger. I’m not sure that’s the right way to get a kid into hunting, but to each his own.

I love it

From: WI Shedhead
My kids first real bows that got as bday gifts for thier 3rd bday. Bought them Schaffer silvertip cubs and had short arrows cut. They absolutely loved them, until they were old enough for hunting rigs. Immerse them in the past time, and at the very least you’ll have them grow into adults that get it

From: Rut Nut

From: TGbow
Awsome! My son loves to hunt. My oldest grandson doesn't seem to be too much interested but the youngest seems to be interested. I love to see kids into hunting

This is encouraging. The boy seems to be conservative.

If he were liberal, he would be peering into the OTHER end of the binoculars!


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