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Arrow Wrap Length
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TODDY 24-Jul-23
Boreal 24-Jul-23
Coondog 24-Jul-23
fdp 24-Jul-23
Dale06 24-Jul-23
wyobullshooter 24-Jul-23
WhattheFOC 24-Jul-23
TODDY 24-Jul-23
DanaC 25-Jul-23
midwest 25-Jul-23
Will 25-Jul-23
I really like the looks of having longer arrow wraps vs the shorter ones. Other than adding a little more weight to the fletching end of the arrow, does anyone know if the longer wraps affect the spine of the arrow itself and affect arrow flight? Thanks, TODDY

From: Boreal
I wish that I was a good enough shot that it would matter.

From: Coondog
It will change FOC slightly, but a few grains will not affect your arrow spine.

From: fdp
Any weight that you add to the rear of a shaft causes a stiffer dynamic spine reaction. Will you be able to tell the difference.....only you can answer that.

From: Dale06
Wraps don’t weigh much. Adding another 2” or so to a 4-5” wrap technically may alter some things, but I doubt it will be noticeable. I sure would not notice it.

Arrow wraps weigh 2 gr per inch or less. I’d put on the length you prefer and worry about more important things.

From: WhattheFOC
With a 1” longer wrap I am 1/4” left at 100 yards.

I figured as much, thanks for the feedback! TODDY

From: DanaC
"With a 1” longer wrap I am 1/4” left at 100 yards. "

LMAO!!! 'Trevor' my left foot, you must be Brady E. ;-)

From: midwest
I wish I was good enough to tell.

That's funny, wtF! lol

From: Will
I like long wraps, they look good. The last few years I've used shorter ones, because I had some blue ones from years ago I wanted to use up. That all said, my skill as an archer surely is not enough to ID a difference. As others have noted, it "could", but you probably need to be really skilled to "see" it.

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