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Bow sling suggestions
Contributors to this thread:
Jasper 26-Jul-23
GFL 26-Jul-23
ILbowhntr 26-Jul-23
Charlie Rehor 26-Jul-23
Lost Arra 26-Jul-23
JohnMC 26-Jul-23
Tilzbow 26-Jul-23
Boatman71 26-Jul-23
wv_bowhunter 27-Jul-23
carcus 27-Jul-23
From: Jasper
Need a sling to carry my bow for a Wyoming elk hunt. I’ll hand carry it most of the time but need something for climbing and steep stuff. I have a hip replacement and 7 hip surgeries so my left leg is about 70% at best. I need both hands free for some terrain or to use poles. Looking at the Montana Bow Sling and the Jakt. Suggestions? Thanks!

From: GFL
It’s hard to beat the Bow Slicker? Wads up easy to put in your pack. Way smaller than Primos sling.

From: ILbowhntr
And it’s on CamoFire today for 45% off!

Jakt works best for me. Easily shoot with it on and easily comes off with my Mathews.

From: Lost Arra
Montana bow sling here. I've used it both attached to the pack and unattached as a regular sling. The bow is in the same place, quick and easy access, with both methods. The difference is if you drop your pack with bow in hand and sling attached, the sling stays with the pack. You don't lose it. I've used it multiple seasons and I like it. Getting it setup when attached to the pack takes a little trial and error to get it dialed in. Their setup videos used to be minimally helpful but it's not difficult to figure out.

From: JohnMC
If I am just covering ground and want hands free, attached to pack is what to go in my opinion.

From: Tilzbow
Another vote for the Easton Bow Slicker. Light weight, does the job and fits short and long ATA bows.

From: Boatman71

Boatman71's Link
These work awesome!

From: wv_bowhunter
That Jakt sling looks very interesting. May have to give one of those a try.

From: carcus
I attach mine to my pack, its so thick where I hunt I need the bow behind me and both hands free. I used to use a sling, attached to the pack is much much better

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