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Adding lock latches to SKB case
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32Timbers 26-Jul-23
Sam 26-Jul-23
Blood 26-Jul-23
32Timbers 26-Jul-23
Matt 26-Jul-23
DonVathome 01-Aug-23
From: 32Timbers
I was thinking of going the route of putting a pistol in a soft case inside my double skb case with my bow and a bunch of clothes, but the SKB case I have does not have holes for pad locks, just the TSA latch locks. I thought of adding lock latches around the case. Has anyone ever done this? Wondering it it would get rejected. I could always just bring a locking hand gun case and leave it in the car incase I did get rejected and could go back and grab it.

From: Sam
SKB makes TSA approved locking latches, easy install. Purchase on Amazon

From: Blood
Don’t put a TSA lock on it. Put a real lock on it. If they need you to open it, have your key ready. And Zip tie the handle. If they need you to cut it to look inside, put more on after. I don’t even think a soft case is legal for a pistol on a flight…. But inside a bow case, maybe. But lock it up.

From: 32Timbers
The case has TSA locks on it which i know cannot be used for gun transport. I guess Im asking if anybody has turned their entire bow case that does not already have holes in it for padlocks into a locked case by adding some hasp latches that can be locked with padlocks and then just having the gun in a soft case with the bow and a bunch of other stuff.

From: Matt
“The case has TSA locks on it which i know cannot be used for gun transport.”

Per the TSA website, I do not believe that is correct.

From: DonVathome
Keep in mind you have to obey what the airlines THINK is right - before you ever got to TSA. I often have them pull on cases to see if they can get in. I have a very sturdy case and 1 hinge is broke so that is probably why they tug on it. If they can et in, even a little good chance the airline person will reject it.

Cover all your bases be super nice, leave extra time have spare keys. It is not difficult but if you have a problem it could be a nightmare.

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