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Who's hunting Sitka's this year
Mule Deer
Contributors to this thread:
JSW 26-Jul-23
Scott/IL 27-Jul-23
'Ike' (Phone) 27-Jul-23
TEmbry 27-Jul-23
Basil 27-Jul-23
Chief 419 27-Jul-23
midwest 28-Jul-23
APauls 28-Jul-23
luckychucky 28-Jul-23
JSW 28-Jul-23
Shrewski 28-Jul-23
Fuzz 30-Jul-23
JSW 18-Aug-23
Treeline 18-Aug-23
From: JSW
It's that time of year again. Alaska deer season opens Tuesday. The reduction of licenses might reduce the NR hunters on Kodiak but who still plans to go?

I'll be on the mountain August 1. Looking forward to another epic adventure.

From: Scott/IL
Float plane leaves September 7th!

Yes sir, November…

From: TEmbry
3 tags in my pocket and feet on the ground September 9th!

From: Basil
End of October- early November boat based hunt for 6 of us.

From: Chief 419
I’ll be hunting Kodiak first week in Nov. Lodge based hunt. The boats were full.

From: midwest
Good luck, fellas!

From: APauls
Good luck gentlemen! Jim - I can't wait until you let the Bighorn eat!

From: luckychucky
In my backyard. Oh uh I mean 1/4 mile off the road system.

From: JSW
Air travel just sucks lately.

From: Shrewski
Two weeks in November for me. Hope to find one good buck. Like always.

From: Fuzz
I have reservations for 2 at the World Famous Buckshack... First 2 weeks of October.

From: JSW
I didn't get a buck on my POW hunt this year. The population continues to be low and mature bucks are hard to find. I got 2 stalks on the same buck 4 days apart but couldn't make it work.

I only saw 3 mature bucks in 8 days and only 1 was in a place that I could make a stalk. Good luck to the rest of you and keep us posted on your hunts.

From: Treeline
Dang, sounds like you had a tough hunt, Jim.

Good luck to everyone else headed out for Sitka deer!

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