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Newfoundland Moose Hunts - 3 Spots Left!
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Hey all! If you are still looking for an affordable, adventure hunt this fall - 3 spots left for Newfoundland moose this fall! $6900 plus tax/tags - price includes airport pick up from Gander, meals, lodging and guiding. This outfitter has an excellent record of putting hunters on great bulls! Shoot me a DM for further information - 3 dates to choose from. Peyton

From: Pyrannah
drive in or fly in

Fly to Gander would be easiest...unless you want to drive and ferry over.

From: huntr4477
I believe Pyrannah was asking if the hunt itself was drive-in or fly-in

Haha...gotcha. I'm sorry. Drive from Gander to the lodge. No charter flights.

From: fuzzy
Is this near Buchans?

I'm not sure if their lodge is near Buchans. I can find out though.

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