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From: B2K
I'm considering purchasing a custom no-till, 2 row corn planter. I'd also like to use it for soybeans. I would be pulling it with a 40hp 4 wheel drive Massey Ferguson. Does anyone have experience with small no-tills? Is it feasible to alternate between planting both corn and beans with the same unit? Is that enough tractor for such a unit in hill country (Buffalo county, WI)? Anything else I should be looking for in a planter?

Thats plenty of tractor power. Usually there are different plates for corn and beans for ag use. Plant population in food plots is not so critical. I use the same plates for corn and beans and get good results. I plant 30 inch rows and make a second pass in the beans so I get 15 inch rows. I’m using a 4 row international planter behind a 40 hp New Holland tractor with no problems.

From: t-roy
Any pics of the planter?

From: Schmitty78
I use a John Deere 7000 planter converted to a 2-row no till planter. It’s an awesome planter, but if the ground isn’t perfect for planting it doesn’t have enough weight to use it to actually no till plant. If your schedule is more flexible than mine and you can plant at the right time it’s great for no till, but my time is limited to get to the farm so sometimes I have to get the seed in the ground when I can. I generally run a disc and a roto tiller and then plant because of my time limitations. Just some food for thought

From: Pat Lefemine
Schmitty. I have the same problem with my 7000 4-row. If the ground is not softened up by rain it doesn’t penetrate deep enough for no till. I spent a lot of money converting it and was disappointed to say the least.

From: Bowhunter09

Bowhunter09's embedded Photo
Bowhunter09's embedded Photo
This is my international planter before I added the No-till coulters. As stated, it does better in softer ground.

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