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Question about Mathews SCS Sling
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goldy2416 02-Aug-23
BoggsBowhunts 02-Aug-23
KSflatlander 02-Aug-23
smarba 02-Aug-23
From: goldy2416
I put a Mathews Silent Connect System Sling on my Mathews bow. I am heading west this fall for an elk hunt, and I want to know how others use the sling. Installing the sling and carrying the bow is easy. The question is what to do when getting ready for a shot.

Do you shoot with the sling on? Is there any interference with the shot? Maybe drop the top loop and let the sling fall to the ground, still connected to the bottom limb? Or should I remove it entirely when getting ready to shoot?

If I was you I’d shoot it with the sling on in every stance/setting you can. I’d take it off if I had time regardless, but I would be a lot more at ease if I tested it on my exact bow in different setups

From: KSflatlander

KSflatlander's embedded Photo
KSflatlander's embedded Photo
I don’t use the sling. I use this on my backpack belt. Much better than any sling IMO.

From: smarba
I use homemade sling. I have never had a situation in the field where I couldn't remove it in advance for a shot, but I've practiced with it still attached at bottom, no issues. Only you can decide by practicing.

For the way/terrain/vegetation I hunt a clip on my belt would not work, but to each their own.

I have one.

Used it on my moose hunt. Moment of truth I took only the top of the sling off and let the bottom hang.

But elk are elk and I wouldn’t want to be making that move… at all if I were into them.

You could always take it off if you’re setting up.

Have a blast hunting!

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