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Wheat in food plots
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Dale06 03-Aug-23
nebraskadeer 26-Sep-23
t-roy 26-Sep-23
Dale06 26-Sep-23
Whitetail Xtreme 27-Sep-23
Buckdeer 27-Sep-23
From: Dale06
I’m going to plant three 2-3 acre food plots that are on 160 acres. They’re 2- 300 yards apart. I have several brassicas mixes and winter wheat seed. Should I plant some of each in each plot in strips, plant all the variety of seeds in the same plot (mixed, not in strips) , or plant some plots to brassicas and some to wheat? Or is there another better option? Thanks

From: nebraskadeer
I would suggest mixing it in. Where I am from when the brassicas freeze and die the wheat will stay bright green.

From: t-roy
I’d suggest planting them separately. If you get a decent stand of brassicas, they will shade out your wheat, somewhat. Also, brassicas usually are planted a month or more, then cereal grains. If you plant the brassicas first, and get spotty or poor growth on them, then I wouldn’t hesitate to overseed the wheat into them.

EDIT……I see you posted this in early Aug. What did you end up doing, Dale? Turn out good?

From: Dale06
I planted Brassicus in central Mn first week of august. And planted wheat the same time. Wanted to wait and plant wheat a month or so later, but my travel schedule didn’t allow. I planted wheat separate from brassicus. The ground was quite dry when I planted but rain was forecast two days after I planted. Of course that rain never happened. However about 10 days later there was a good rain that got the brassicus and wheat up. Actually I have a pretty good stand of both, as of early September. I’ve not seen the plots in several weeks but my son hunted it opening weekend and had 10 does actively feeding in one of the plots. He said the plots looked very good. And the last several days there’s been good rain. I’ll hunt there in a couple weeks.

Like Dale I have to prepare the ground and plant when schedules allow. Without a no till drill I have to get the ground prepared when it's soft . Red clay in my part of Georgia can set up like concrete with long periods of dry weather. Started prepping in August after periods of rain softened the ground and planted brassicas the weekend of September 8th. Used a Brillian Sure Stand and the brassicas came up great. Planted a couple other wheat only plots and 5 wheat with brassica plots September 23 and 24th and thankfully had an inch of rain last night. Planted approximately 12 acres total. Will post pictures if I can learn how to do that. Good luck to everyone and stay safe.

From: Buckdeer
Put the brassicas where you don't want the deer to go and plant the wheat where you want to shoot them. Just till and broadcast before a rain or if bare enough dirt they will sprout if you get a rain

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