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Spray water repellent for rain suit?
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Jasper 04-Aug-23
PTArcher 04-Aug-23
Bigdog 21 04-Aug-23
Will 04-Aug-23
pav 04-Aug-23
fdp 04-Aug-23
Swampbuck 04-Aug-23
Jasper 05-Aug-23
Jaquomo 05-Aug-23
Jasper 06-Aug-23
APauls 06-Aug-23
From: Jasper
Trying to resurrect an old Cabela’s Dry Plus rain suit the best I can. Anyone used a spray that works? Thanks!

From: PTArcher
Have had good luck with Nikwax tech wash and waterproofing. Comes as a kit and applied in washing machine.

From: Bigdog 21
Scotchgard Heavy duty water shield.

From: Will
I just did two old rain jackets with the Scotchgard Bigdog21 noted prior to a Wyoming trip earlier this summer. Worked AWESOME!

From: pav
Another thumbs up for the Nikwax combo pack.

From: fdp
Scotchgard will sure work, I've used it on different things as well with good results.

I've never used the Nikwax process. I wonder if that would be more permanent?

From: Swampbuck
John, if water is getting in your rain suit, I think it’s time to get off the wallet buddy. I have an old pair of rockys boots that I keep going and my son tries to give me the same advice lol

From: Jasper
No water getting in it or at least the last time I used it it didn’t. I have over $800 in my rain suit, this is one I’m giving to my son who really doesn’t want to buy a new one. It’s only been worn a few times over the years. I figured it’s worth a shot to treat it and see how it works

From: Jaquomo

Jaquomo's Link
Here's a very good article on how to restore DWR materials. Any of the membranes (Goretex, Dry Plus, etc..) will eventually leak at stress points if it becomes saturated because the DWR has become compromised through wear.

From: Jasper
Thanks Lou!

From: APauls
I just contacted KUIU about my Chugach and their first step is for me to retreat it. Their recommendation is Grangers, so I ordered it on Amazon

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