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Mast Conditions - Drought?
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Franzen 06-Aug-23
t-roy 06-Aug-23
WV Mountaineer 06-Aug-23
DanaC 07-Aug-23
Will 07-Aug-23
Buffalo1 08-Aug-23
Michael 08-Aug-23
Franzen 09-Aug-23
From: Franzen
In my area the oaks seem to be aborting everything. Pins at the house and whites at the farm are dropping well under-developed 'corns. I'm on the high ground, but a buddy said they are still holding them in the bottoms. What is everyone else seeing?

I don't really specifically hunt over acorns, so it likely won't matter much to my hunting, but it may be a killer for some. I'm in south-central IL.

From: t-roy
I’m seeing some aborting of acorns around my house, as well, but the trees seem to have a lot of mast this year. We are very dry as well.

Drought conditions will most definitely cause this. But, that’s not an issue here. And, hasn’t been for 2 decades.

From: DanaC
No drought issue here, been a wet summer, local rivers are still 'up'. Banner year for 'choke cherries', blueberries etc.

From: Will
I'm seeing pretty similar early acorn fall to the past few years, this year. The past few, last year in particular, we were in moderate drought basically all summer into the fall. This year we have been drenched since the winter, capped with like 14" of rain from mid June to the end of July - River look like early May or late April, very rare for August. Point being, seems pretty normal acorn status in my neck of the woods.

From: Buffalo1
It has been a hot, dry burner in Mississippi this summer. Burn band in effect for entire state. Mast crop and antler growth will be two interesting topics this fall/winter. Have also been wondering about the fawn crop this year.

I think we are forecast to have a wet/cold winter, but that does not aid our current weather situation.

From: Michael
In Mn it has been dry ever since June. Haven’t really checked the oaks out though.

Down in Ne where I hunt they have been catching plenty of rain all through July. Crops look really good. The properties I hunt don’t have oaks so not sure how that condition is down there.

From: Franzen
Fawn crop here might be considered off the charts from what I've seen. Lack of mast here won't hurt too bad, since there is other food.

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