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Clover maintenance?
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Hunt98 06-Aug-23
Pat Lefemine 06-Aug-23
Vonfoust 07-Aug-23
Osceola 07-Aug-23
Pat Lefemine 07-Aug-23
Stressless 07-Aug-23
drycreek 07-Aug-23
From: Hunt98
I frost seed about a 1/2 acre of clover in the spring this year. It seems to be doing ok. I see some grasses and a weed that I think is Creeping Yellow Cress. I mowed (weed whipped) it about a month ago.

What would be best to control the grass and the weeds?

From: Pat Lefemine
Two options:

Spray Imox at 6oz per acre for both. Imox is pricey but you only need a few ounces.

Spray Butyrac (broadleaf weeds) + clethodim (grass).

Both work well. And clip after 7-10 days.

From: Vonfoust
What rate for the Butyrac+ Clethodim per acre do you use?

From: Osceola

I have not clipped 7-10 days after spraying IMOX. Does that spur the grass and broad leaf plants into growth mode thereby taking in the herbicide in deeper for a better kill or do you suggest he clipping for another purpose?

From: Pat Lefemine
With some sprays, certain plants (depending on their maturity), can take a few days to fully absorb the herbicide fully into their system. To be safe, I generally like to spray and wait a week before I clip. For perennial weeds clipping alone may slow their spread, but I want those perennial weeds dead. Spraying, then clipping a few days later is an insurance policy for getting a better kill.

From: Stressless
The directions on each herbicide specify the time targets weeds can be mowed Pre and Post application of said herbicide. As Pat says it's almost always days to them to recover from the shock of mowing and / or the needed coverage absorption rate.

From: drycreek
I used clethodim to control grasses, but you have to hit them early for best results. I just mowed for weeds, but I didn’t have many weeds in my plots.

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