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Satellite phone recommendations
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Jasper 06-Aug-23
TEmbry 06-Aug-23
APauls 06-Aug-23
Bou'bound 07-Aug-23
Jasper 07-Aug-23
MQQSE 07-Aug-23
carcus 07-Aug-23
SteveB 10-Aug-23
From: Jasper
I probably should have bought one years ago considering some of the places I’ve been, but I’ve decided to do it before heading to Wyoming next month. Looking at the Garmin InReach Mini 2 - thoughts? Thanks!

From: TEmbry
I take my inreach everywhere and love it. If you are wanting an actual phone for voice calls then iridium tends to have the best coverage. I have one but haven’t used it in 3 years and at this point am probably just going to sell it.

From: APauls
Get a new iPhone, they will send emergency communication to satellites. Past emergency, who needs to communicate when they’re gone hunting ;)

From: Bou'bound
So the title says you are long for a sat phone and the content says you are looking for something else. If it is an actual phone you want the iridium extreme 9575 is the gold standard and has been for a long time. They are not expensive and readily available new Or used o. eBay. Airtime is expensive but they provide different functionality that the personal units noted above. Depends on what you want it for.

From: Jasper
Yes, I meant Garmin type device, not phone. Thanks all!

I have both an IridiumGo and Garmin Inreach. We can text and make calls off our iPhone with the Iridium unit but find we use the Inreach way more than the Iridium. My son is with me on most of my hunts, so he tends to use the Iridium to keep in touch with friends back home while I use the Inreach.

If it’s calls you need to make, the IridiumGo is the only one of the two that allows you to call off of your cell phone.

From: carcus
I have garmin inreach and my buddy has zoleo, both worked the same on our last moose hunt

From: SteveB
The Garmin is self contained for messaging should something happen to your phone. Zoleo is not.

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