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Why would you wear these?
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From: Inshart
I've seen guys wearing neck gaiters - the silk looking ones. What purpose are they (serious question)?

From: Lawdog
Bugs? Sun?

From: fdp
Bugs? Sun?...and warmth in the winter depending on the material.

From: Scoot
I don't think I've ever seen silk ones. I have worn thick ones in the winter to help keep me warm (they help me quite a bit when it's really cold). Some guys will pull them up and use them as a partial face mask too.

From: Starfire
I started wearing them for sun after I had a few melanomas removed. They also camo the neck and can be pulled up for a half face mask. I often wear one on my head to absorb sweat even under a hat. (Bald heads don't absorb sweat very well and they are easier to wash than hats.

Very cold dry air. Helps to keep bronchial areas from drying out. Which can lead to some severe breathing issues.

From: Blood
I wear a light merino one from SKRE. It makes me look cool and feels good around my neck.

When you pull them up over your nose your silhouette disappears in the elk woods... Add a skin tight Sitka hood and you cant hear them bugle... Had to throw that in there. I was watching a you tube elk hunting video and the hunter was so wrapped up tight with face masks and hood he couldn't even hear an elk bugling right in front of him..

From: jordanathome
I wear a neck gaiter in the early morning to keep the chill off......and in the evening for same reason. Also helps keep bugs from biting as easily. I have never worn a light silk one in hot weather however.

From: DanaC
Fold a disposable hand warmer into one, on the back of your neck, for a cold morning sit.

From: HDE
Better question is; why wouldn't you wear one...

From: Jeff Durnell
I haven't and wouldn't. No need.

From: PushCoArcher
I've never considered it a neck gaiter it's a face mask that when I'm on the move gets pulled down around the neck. If it's hot out I may pull it off and put it in my pocket but the last thing I wanna be doing if a animal is coming is digging around trying to get a face mask on. Wearing it around the neck makes putting it on quick and involves less movement.

From: RonP
when its cold and windy, a neck gaiter is a must for me. amazing how much warmer i can stay. i usually wear a fleece gaiter, and not silk.

with a base layer, kuiu peloton 200 hoodie as a mid layer, a lightweight vest, neck gaiter, gloves and fleece cap, i can stay comfortable is some pretty cold temps without the need for a heavy jacket.

From: LBshooter
You'd be surprised how much warmth a little gaiter will add in winter, always have one with me.

It just adds to the “wow factor”. When people see you wearing your KUIU from head to toe and a matching neck gator they realize they’re not as good as you and will most likely leave the area completely with tail tucked lessening the competition. I say go for it.

Scoot x 2. If it’s cold and windy, a neck gaitor is a must for me.

I’m a fan too. I find them to be very versatile.

From: Shaft
It seems like they could interfere with your anchor point when shooting a bow.

From: Boreal
Warmth, covers up a white beard, doesn't effect anchor point. I ones I use are merino wool, not silk.

From: WhattheFOC
If you’re gonna hunt with one up over your jaw, practice with it first. The effect on your anchor point is NOT negligible. I’d rather leave that story off my resume.

From: Bigdog 21
Hell I still wear a scarf sometimes. When really cold duck pit.

From: Swampbuck
Not a gaiter, but I’ll wear a camo buff from time to time depending on weather, bugs, etc

From: fisherick
I will wear a brown, light merino wool neck gaiter when cool out to warm face and act as a mask.

From: brunse
10,000 cowboys can’t(edit sorry ) be wrong. Silk scarves all year long…

From: Murph
Cowboys in my area wear silk neckerchiefs so called for a so called neck gaiter square piece of silk fold into a triangle roll up and wrap around quite effective actually

From: Bake
If you mean the hot weather stuff, supposedly they are good for keeping cool. I’ve never tried one though.

If you mean the camo neck gaiters I wear a merino wool one while hunting. Face shine mostly. And I refuse to look like a wannabe and wear designer face paint

I knew there was a reason that I bought one in Olive…. ;)

Better see how it shoots. A bit more white in my beard these days…

From: DanaC
re WhattheFOC: " I’d rather leave that story off my resume. "

Well, shoot, now I want to build a fire and pour us a few drinks. Fess up!


BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo
I wear one in the early morning cold hiking in a breeze.

Works really nice and then I just slide it off when not needed.

Good luck, Robb

Robb, that’s exactly when I use mine.. When it’s in the 20’s or 30’s with a breeze, I won’t be without one. I don’t pull it up around my ears, but it sure keeps the chill off my neck and shoulders.

From: Huntcell
Know as a Neck koozie in redneck country, a solar powered version with Bowsite logo in near future

From: scentman
I have been wearing one for years, if my head and neck are warm along with my feet and hands I can stay out longer in comfort.

From: Knothead
I have been wearing one like this for as long as I can remember and for all the reasons listed above. Before I went to light weight neck gaiter and used a bandana. I feel a little naked without something around my neck.


BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo
When it gets hot, I wear a neck chill koozie.

Frozen and in a zip lock bag and in my pack until I need it.

As it thaws out, it gets wet enough to kool down my body core.

I certainly wear 1 working in the yard as it is so dang hot.

Good luck, Robb

For me, a light merino neck gaiter is one of my most important pieces of clothing I have. For colder weather tree stand hunting I double up with a thick fleece gaiter over the top of my light merino gaiter. It's amazing how much warmer I stay when wearing the appropriate neck gaiter. I couldn't imagine not using one.

From: Teeton
I do pretty much what Cheese head does. I have a lite weight first lite, it's long and stretchy (my favorite) and another thats shorter and thicker. I at times wear both. With the first lite on top.

From: KsRancher
I am apparently the odd one out. I can't stand those things around my neck. I have tried several and end up giving them away. When it gets cold I wear a hooded sweat shirt under a light jacket. It bunches up a little bit around the sides and back of my neck enough to keep me warm.

From: Bigdog 21
My wife got me a pepper gray neck gator for work during pandemic, it has a pocket for a filter to slide in over your face.. know it goes hunting but I put a hand warmer in pouch keeps face warm when late season goose hunting.

From: Jaquomo
Robb, we need to chat about those hats you bought in the tourist store in Jackson Hole.... ;-)

Whatever works for you Rusty.

I have to laugh at myself. I read your post and thought about how much I dislike hoods and hate hooded sweatshirts.

I feel kind of odd for my reaction. I’m not part of the neck gaiter lobby or marketing team, but I apparently have stronger preferences than I realized.

Hope you have a great season.

From: Aces11
I have a light black ovis one I wear on cool mornings or evenings. Also keeps the chill off if cool and windy. I never wear it when it’s hot out.

Lou, they are from trips down to Cabo.....

Cabo Cowboy hats, the GF at the time of those trips would get us matching ones....my heck.

I guess they are everywhere now.

Good luck, Robb

From: Will
I wear them fishing sometimes for sun protection, biking/running/xc skiing/hiking for cold protection (winter), and hunting sometimes for cold and to cover my face. Wouldnt want to scare the deer/turkeys...

From: ElkNut1
Nope, I've never wore one, doubt I ever will.


From: Kurt
Useless waste of cloth for us short necked folks...haha. Now a hooded Peleton 240 is great!

From: 70lbDraw
I use them for turkey hunting. They may be dumb but their eyes are sharp. They can see a gnat on a flys ass!

From: Groundhunter
I am on the water alot. I wear one. Had skin cancer once. I adapted them also for hunting.

From: W
The deers have the Covid. I wear one to keep from getting Covid from them.

From: PoudreCanyon

PoudreCanyon's embedded Photo
PoudreCanyon's embedded Photo
I wear them for summer fishing cuz I hate getting sunburned! I try and keep all skin covered with SPF material!

From: Inshart
Thanks all, appreciate the response. I'm going to give it a try elk hunting this year.


Get youself a balaclava. It covers all bases. Hoody, face cover, neck gaiter. Wouldn't be without one when plowing snow on the tractor.

From: Will
Inshart - shoot in it a fair bit... If you are not used to shooting with something on your face, it can make a surprisingly big difference. It does become unnoticeable fast, but it's worth mentioning that...

From: yooper89
Hahahaha PoudreCanyon, you a fan of old Natalie Kiing eh??

I was just thinking through my packing list because of JTreeman’s thread…. A man’s gotta know his limitations, and I’m probably past the point where I should be carrying a #72 pack… not that lugging over 50% of your own weight is a great thing for your joints at any age…

But just to keep the load down even in a daypack, I stopped to consider whether I would be better off carrying several of those items that you reach for in extreme cold, rather than tossing in a warmer jacket…

Seems that having those items that you depend on when it’s really cold to cover exposed skin could provide more net benefit/lb or per volume of pack space than adding another layer over an area that’s already been pretty well covered. Also a lot more options for fine-tuning your outfit…

From: fuzzy

The only Sitka piece I have is the Fanatic hoodie and I absolutely love it for the built-in neck gator.

When it's warmer, I use a white balaclava. It goes over my head and down the back of my neck under my hat when it's hot and protects me from the sun and when it cools down a bit, I put it on. On 2-3 week hunts, the sun is a problem for some of us.

I had a melanoma removed from my shoulder 2 years ago.

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