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I need a pair of pants. Got cotton, got some thicker wool. Got good gaiters.

They don’t have to be Camo, but they need to hold up, and they need to be non-lethal when it gets wet out.

And they need to be available in waist sizes down around 28-30. Major bonus points for not costing stupid money.

Is there something along the lines of Mil-Surp? I have a couple pairs of “performance fabric” nylon shorts that water bounces right off of; pants-length would be fantastic.

From: butcherboy
I buy Kuiu Attack pants in solid colors and wear them for hunting and year round wearing. For something that doesn’t have water shedding capabilities but are lightweight and spf I wear Wrangler ATG’s.

From: DanaC
Is there a hiking/camping store anywhere near you?

From: wv_bowhunter
For the money, I canmt complain about the Wrangler ATG pants sold at Walmart. Lightweight, stretch fabric. The side pockets are actually mesh so if you leave them I zipped they act as vents.

From: jdbbowhunter
Kuiu Attack pants, if you want to spend the money, agree with Wrangler ATG pants also.

From: Supernaut
I'll second the Wragler ATG's.

I wear 30 waist and I know they come smaller. They come in earth tones. They are very comfortable and they take some abuse. They are all I wore until it got pretty cold last season. Plus, they are affordable in my opinion. I got mine at Walmart.

I liked them so much that I bought a couple more pairs to just wear.

The ATG stuff sounds like the right direction — definitely a start, anyway. I have an old pair of winter-weight cycling tights with gore-tex panels on the front side which are really good as a layering piece. You can’t sit in a puddle, but they work out pretty well.

@Dana — we’ve got an REI pretty close, but I can very rarely find anything there that fits - not when it comes to pants… At least the site works well.

We also have a big basscabelas and a Dick’s. Neither one is really a favorite… (I’ve never even set foot in the Cabela’s…).

Interesting that butcherboy mentioned SPF…. That sounds good for fishing, I suppose, but a great way to make all of your clothing high SPF is to use a detergent with a lot of UV brightener in it, since that stuff reflects UV away….


The crazy thing is that Army Surplus Stores no longet appear to be a Thing… at least not out here. Maybe another casualty of designer camo?

From: fuzzy
I hunted Kodiak in Goodwill -sourced wool dress suit slacks. With merino long underwear they were perfect.

From: HDE
Black Ovis sells some that run around $85. They are treated with a water repellent (DWR) but are not Gortex water proof.

Keep an eye on Camofire, they regularly run them at a discount price.

From: Gileguy
The Wranglers are so comfortable, lightweight & easy to layer under that I seldom wear my other stuff anymore.

Good input. Feel free to keep it coming.

From: elkmtngear
Yep, Wrangler ATG. Orvis makes similar pants, also "Gerry" (25 bucks at Costco). They have the stretch, dry out quickly (I never wear "rain pants", just gaiters), and they have the leg pocket for your phone. As a rule, anything that "water bounces off" won't breathe. Nothing worse than sweating inside your pants, when you are doing "elk olympics".

All are very comfortable and durable, it's all I wear anymore.

From: brunse

brunse's embedded Photo
brunse's embedded Photo
I bought 3 pairs of these to get free shipping. With the discount code it was a little more than $100 for three pairs.

From: PushCoArcher
Have you tried the Duluth firehose pants? I orginally bought them for work but they are very versatile.

From: sticksender
I'm gonna follow this thread, if for no other reason that to learn about "non-lethal" pants.

Mine could be the lethal variety and I can't abide the risk.

From: Elk369
Which ATG pants are u guys getting, the camo one or the several makes of solids?

I snagged a pair of the ones brunse found; they’re a little big, but I guess I wanted that for layering anyway. Ego-boost for being loose everywhere but the seat, since I’d been feeling like I was getting to have a 59-YO butt….

I was in a Wally-world and saw some pants that looked like the right thing, but there was no reference to anything “ATG” to be found… kinda wondered if I was looking in the right place.

The tan looked like a good option, though. If it can make an animal 4X my size disappear at 20 yards, I figure tan can’t be all bad….

From: wv_bowhunter
As for the wrangler’s I have the solids.

From: 12yards

12yards's Link
These are the Wranglers I bought. I love them. I have three pairs. They are very light, more for warm weather. Probably not a lot of thermal capacity there.

From: Elk369
thx guys, i found the stretch cargo pants at WM like 26 bucks, wondering what the difference between them and the ATG pants, i see several models of the ATG pant online including a camo one, ATG are like 50-60 bucks

From: Nick Muche
Pants? At a time like this?

From: Groundhunter
Cathartic. Cheap and tough

From: Jaquomo
Duluth Trading Co. firehose flex. Rugged, durable, shed water, comfortable. They are my go-to September pants anymore.

From: fuzzy
Pants are overrated.

From: TJS
+1 for the ATGs. (What 12 yards linked.) I find them comfortable, durable, and capable to hold what's needed in all the pockets. Easy to layer under if needed. Early and mid-season wear. Originally found them at Walmart, but order the needed longer lengths through Wrangler website. I've also enjoyed the First Lite Corrugate Foundry pants. These are surely sturdier, with excellent breathability and stretch along with quality features. Pricier, but excellent experience with them.

I learned about the Wrangler ATG on here for the money there is nothing better in my opinion. Great pants, I have a pair of First Corrugate pants and I honestly wear the ATG more.


ND String Puller's embedded Photo
ND String Puller's embedded Photo
I’ve been wearing these for a a few years since Cnelk told us about the wrangler cargo line. Kinda weird saying I like stretchy pants lol but for hunting it doesn’t get more comfortable than these. Good for warm weather then just wear a pair of thermals underneath when it gets colder.

I’ve been getting them from the wrangler website… better selection of sizes and colors.

From: WYOelker
Wrangler ATG are good but wish they would fix the damn pocket issue. The entire pants stretch and flex except the threads in the pockets. Leaving the threads to break and come undone…

They are great pants just can’t count on the back pocket. Wallet alway goes in zipper cargo pocket

From: Patdel
Prana zion stretch pants. Last pair i bought was $89. They probably went up like everything else, but you can wear them for stuff besides hunting.

From: Will
For short $, the Wrangler ATG's are super.

There are many good hiking pants with some stretch, a bit of water resistance, good breathing and a variety of costs. Checking out Sierra Trading Post or Campmor may yield some good deals.

If a little more $ is ok, Attack pants as others have noted are really solid.

From: gil_wy
Carhart makes a nice pair of olive stretch pants I’ll be using this season… around $40

From: M.Pauls
If the budget allows, just got the new Kuiu Pro Brush, and they’re epic. I like em even more than attacks, and will be more durable. For everyday wear though the attack would be better

From: Bowbender
Picked up two pair of Orvis Tech pants at Costco. Seem a little more durable than the Wrangler Flex (which I can’t seem to wear out). $20 a pair and free shipping.

From: M.Pauls

From: Blood
Look at the Killik Vital pants at Sportsman’s Warehouse. I just got a pair on sale for $40. And I have to say after wearing them, they are super. Fit great. I got the 34”x34”. Long. Roomy in the legs. Waist is perfect. Stretch fabric. Good cargo pockets.

I also have those wranglers….and the legs are tight and they are very, very lightweight fabric. I’d never wear those hunting….but for yard work, they are ok.

I’ve become such a fan of wrangler tag pants, it’s all I wear. Everyday. And hunting until it gets cold enough for wool.

From: Thornton
I 2nd the Walmart Wrangler outdoor pants. They dry quickly and don't stain very easily. I use them almost exclusively for my mowing business. I have had problems though with the pockets coming unsewed and discovered it when my keys, change, or bullets ended up in my boots.

From: Lost Arra
Duluth Trading Co manages to make tough pants that are still comfortable.

Well, they ain’t cheap, but tonight I saw some FjellRavens going for 30% Off @ REI, and not only do they offer them in waist sizes down to 27”-28” (which were a bit snug, actually) they make ‘em in SHORT sizes.




Going to try on the next size up tomorrow….

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