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Xenek Ascent Ground Blind Reviews
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Tilzbow 15-Aug-23
Dale06 15-Aug-23
Bowfreak 15-Aug-23
Tilzbow 15-Aug-23
jmiller 15-Aug-23
From: Tilzbow
Anyone have direct experience with this blind? I’m in the market for a new one and it seems to fill my needs which are described below. Other recommendations are welcome and as long as the blind is $500 or less I’m fine. The current Double Bull offerings aren’t really that intriguing to me.

Sitting in my 20+ year old original Double Bull Blind recurve model waiting for antelope to come drink and thinking it’s time to get a new one. I’m a tall guy (6’6”, 230#) and need a big blind. Blind must be 6’ x 6’ wide and 6’ high for me to have room to shoot. Also need windows that are tall since I sit up high and even kneel high. Most blinds have windows that are too low, including the old Double Bull I’m sitting in, so I usually dig a 6” deep hole to set the chair in. I don’t necessarily need see through material but I do want a lighter colored, larger camo pattern since I’m a western hunter.

From: Dale06
I bought a Xenek at Scheels about 18 months ago. I took it turkey hunting. The first set up, the tie downs where the ground stakes go all were barely sewed to the blind and all of them failed. These fails were not due to anything except poor manufacturing. I took it back to Scheels and they refunded my money.

From: Bowfreak
Go the other way.

The Baronett Ox blinds are the closest thing to the old DB blinds.

From: Tilzbow
Bow freak,

Thanks, I’ll check those out!


Thanks! I saw a bunch of reviews stating similar experiences. They currently have their blinds on sale but the warranty doesn’t include sewing and fabric. Doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy!

From: jmiller
I have an old Double Bull BS5. I've yet to find another blind that fits me like that one does. I even use it as a tent to camp in on hunts.

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