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PSE Guide Rod
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80inShovel 15-Aug-23
x-man 15-Aug-23
carcus 15-Aug-23
From: 80inShovel
I acquired a 2003 PSE Marauder, in great shape, doesn't look like it's been shot at all. It's completely stripped. I'm looking for a cable guide/guard rod for it, but not sure where to look. I believe it came stock with an offset 3/8" rod. I see the hole where the rod goes on the bow, but not sure how it's attached, there are no set screws (press fit?). Any information would be appreciated.

From: x-man
I didn't sell PSE and have no specific memory of that model. However, there should be a few options from Lancaster Archery Supply. Either a factory replacement or an aftermarket alternative.

From: carcus
Check TAP archery

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