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From: Arrowsmith

Arrowsmith's embedded Photo
Arrowsmith's embedded Photo
Got this picture yesterday. Appears to be mange. This is western New York and is the first bear I've seen looking like this. We do t see many bears here, but when we do they don't look like this.

Oh, come on…. That’s CLEARLY a hyena. I KNOW WHAT I SAW!!!!

Or maybe a Chupacabra.

Guess we can rule out a black panther on ‘roids, but only for lack of a tail….

I have no idea whether bears actually do get mange, since most parasites are host-specific, but it seems like a good guess. Maybe move the camera closer to where the bear crossed that opening? Legend has it that they stick very closely to the same trails, but presumably just within their own territory.

I suppose your local wildlife managers might want to know if there’s a young bear out there in search of its own territory spreading a Bad Bug..

Interesting pic, though — definitely provides some credibility for those bears who insist that they’re just “fluffy”….

From: fdp
Mange is caused by a mite and nearly anything can be infected with it.

From: fuzzy
No it's just male pattern baldness. Got it on my mommas side. Oh you mean the bear?

From: Will tell
My buddy shot a Bear with the mange. When he checked it in the Warden told him to dump it in the trash bin.

From: Buffalo1
The first bear I ever killed had the mange on the hidden side. Pitiful sight !

From: Nyati
There’s been an outbreak of bear mange along the northern VA/WV border the last 2-3 years

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