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Hoyt Torrex xt
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Quack 19-Aug-23
pav 20-Aug-23
Quack 20-Aug-23
Quack 22-Aug-23
T-rex 23-Aug-23
Trial153 25-Aug-23
From: Quack
Anyone have this bow or have experience shooting one? Good to move my oldest boy up from a mission Hammr and this is one of the ones I’m thinking of. Actually trying to find a local shop with a 50 lbs. no luck yet. But figured I’d ask you guys about it. Any information would be appreciated.

From: pav
Bought one for my grandson back in early July...his first bow. He was shooting four to five bullseyes out of six arrows at 20 yards by the end of day one. He's shooting very well out to 25 yards now...which at 42lbs of draw is about as far as I want him shooting at deer come October. So far, no regrets on that purchase. Good luck!

From: Quack
Thank you sir. He is drawing 49lbs at 26 inches on the Hammr. He shoots it really well he’s won some youth shoots. His younger brother is needing to move up from a small bow and can shoot the hammr turned down so it would be a good time to move him up. I figure a 50-60 lb range. Kinda looking at the torrex, bowtech amplify, and elite terrain. Everything looks good and shoot’s good now. I prefer the rollers that why I’m leaning towards the xt. Gotta find a 50-60 lbs to shoot first though. Just seeing if the folks that got em has been happy so far.

From: Quack
No one else has any experience with this bow?

From: T-rex
My youngest son has one. He shoots it awesome. I think its a great option

From: Trial153
I just restrung and tuned on for a buddy of mine. With some good accessories it nice starter bow.

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