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Slick Trick fix seating issues?
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Did slick trick fix the seating issues they had in 2021? Was several threads on here about them not fully seating into the arrow. Bout to head to Alberta for moose in October and the viper tricks are flying perfect but only have six of them and want to order some more but don’t want any issues.

From: smarba
I have used several packs of the "new" production line of Vipers without any issues.

From: nchunter
The only seating issue I ever heard of was years ago when the company first started. Gary sent me a replacement pack and they were great.

Thanks.. that’s what i was hoping to hear

From: Matt
They have been having recent issues, read about it on another website. Strangely, a couple different guys reported 2 of 4 from a pack had the issue where was a gap between the shoulder of the ferrule and the insert/shaft when the BH was fully seated.

Tooth of the arrow. American company. American sourced. Problem solved.

Good luck in October.

Pat was having an issue I think last year….. not sure what he ended up doing either switching heads or buying more packs etc…

From: Jethro
The Viper Trick seating gap still exists. It is not considered a design flaw and is how they are made now. Slick Trick told that to the Bowsiters that called them last year and to the other forum members that have contacted them this year. No one has said that the heads fly bad with the gap, so if it the design doesn't bother you, should be good to use them.

A few have reported ferule thread issues and head not threading on at all. Slick Trick has sent out new heads to those suffering this issue.

From: Genesis
Rick Embrey had some problems with new pack just a few years ago that he posted about that was a fresh problem.I had stocked up already so I haven't purchased any since his bowsite thread.Maybe he will see this thread and respond.

From: Twinetickler
I bought a pack of Vipers last summer and had issues with the ferrule fitting in the insert, couldn't shoot them if I wanted to. Found an old pack of standards on Ebay that fit the same insert just fine. Went to another head this year. It's too bad I like Slicks, but not enough to have to worry or mess with them with so many other options that actually screw into my insert. Maybe it depends on the insert you are shooting.

From: Beav
I had two packs of Vipertricks in 2021 that were not machined out enough and the blades wouldn't fit. I called them and the guy said "that's weird I've never heard that one before." However then said later on that they had some machining issues. I haven't had any issues since.

From: cnelk
I’m not sure a dead animal will notice a gap.

I like STs.

From: LINK

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Not sure if they have or not… but, I did find a thread I googled from Rokslide that addressed the same issue and the same “It’s not a problem, deal with it”, attitude from the customer service at ST.

This is the link from my thread in 2021…

From: Pat Lefemine
I experienced it with the standards last year. Pretty disappointing to hear the company response. Considering who bought the company I shouldn’t be surprised.

Hmm... dammit. I have six un-shot heads plus a couple practice heads. So that should obviously get me through this season but heading back to Canada for moose, I wanted to make sure I brought some extra in the event something happens to luggage, etc.

From: Genesis
Surely someone has bought a pack recently and can report…I’ve always loved the head

From: wild1
My go-to head, never had an issue.

From: grossklw
I bought a new pack that has the "issue". Never noticed a difference to be honest when shooting it and I couldn't care less. I've been shooting Viper's for 10 years and have no plans to change, they work well for me.

From: Trial153
I would call them and have them replaced. It would be shame for such as classic designed and performing head and company to go down hill. I still have about a dozen three packs of 125 grain mags from when I got a case off Gary years ago.

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