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Fire mapping
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From: Scoot
What's the best website to show fires out west? I lost it when I swapped computers.

From: Recurve Man


From: Scoot
Thx guys!

From: Tilzbow
Inciweb as stated. Just make sure you actually click on the fire in question to see the current status since it’ll show older fires that are no longer active. Another point worth noting is the fact the acreage burned is more of a total area within the fire lines and all that area usually isn’t burned. The exception being some of the more recent California fires where it looks as if everything burned. Lastly, with all the rain this year in the SW an area that burned within the last few months might already have a ton of green grass growing already and might be holding a lot more elk than other areas. I had this experience in NM in 2012 a couple months after the White Mountain Baldy fire was out.

From: yooper89
Google maps also now has a layer for fires and also smoke mapping. Pretty neat little feature

From: Jaquomo
What's frustrating is how long it takes for the satellite maps to be updated on services like OnX and Google Earth. One of my primary areas burned in 2017 and it was a massive mosaic fire, so it's important to know what burned and what didn't. Neither of those show the results of the fires, since the satellite views predate them.

From: Mike B
Try this site...

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