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Marais Des Cygnes National WR Deer
Whitetail Deer
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I am brand new to Bowsite, I drew a deer permit for Marais Des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge. I hunt unit 11 this is my first time putting if for a draw area. I have hunted tons of state ground and I currently have a private lease in kansas. I was just wondering if anyone has hunted this would tell me the quality of animal I could realistically expect to see. maybe even some advice on the area as it looks vast. I am always curious about hunting pressure?

I’ve found that the best bet for local draws and events will typically be Facebook pages and maybe state forums on this site depending on the state - that being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone on here has some experience with the draw you drew, but don’t get your hopes too high

Thanks for the quick response. I have heard this site is a great place. I appreciate it.

From: keepemsharp
Quality of deer? All deer are of good quality just shoot one and have a good time.

From: Scrappy
The location of the Refuge would lead me to believe you will have a real chance of at least seeing a booner. What are the dates of the hunt?

I work for the FWS/NWR. Make sure you show up for the pre-hunt meeting. You will not be able to hunt if you miss it. Understand and follow the rules. Every refuge has some unique rules that apply to that refuge. If it's only a two or three day hunt pick a good pinch point and hunt dark to dark. You don't have the luxury of time on these hunts.

Come back here and post up a recap after your hunt. Good luck

From: Dollar
You drew the federal permit which is a great tag.I drew a few years back and have hunted the waterfowl refugee for years.Yes there are good deer there.There are also hunters but you should be able to find a deer.If you're there for a week or more you have a real chance.As said before try to hunt dawn to dusk. I don't remember a meeting that was mandatory.But they have changed rules on both sides. There's a couple outfitters in town now also that I'm sure take advantage. If you can cross the river you could have an area all to yourself.Kayak,canoe,jonboat would help nothing special just to cross.But banks are/can be steep . If you do run into people don't let it bother you.Those deer see people and work around them hopefully to you. Good Luck

From: non typ
I hunted it a few yrs ago and seen quite a few bucks I have also fished the river quite a bit. I believe they have let some of the old crop fields grow back up over the last 5 yrs or so. I have a few friends who have hunted it in the past couple years and they have seen some good ones and killed a few nice ones. There is about every type of terrain you could want to hunt up there from river bottoms, grasslands, crop fields to hardwood timber A small boat or Kayak could be very handy.

From: Ksgobbler
I worked there for one fire season and was part time for 4 more. Its been awhile since I have set foot on it, but we used to find some big sheds etc while burning.

From: LTG 11
I duck hunt down around there. I've seen some good bucks and heard good things about the hunt. I always forget to put in.

There were rumors about a potential world record in the area ten years ago.

From: crestedbutte
Yeah…I understand that it died on the “closed” portion of the refuge. Unfortunately, the refuge strictly prohibits the retrieval of game from the “closed” area.

You would think they would allow retrieval of game….especially if it can be proved the game was shot on the “open” side. Seems to go against the state’s wanton waste regulation?

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