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Canada fires and hunts
Wild Sheep
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BowmanMD 23-Aug-23
Frenchman 23-Aug-23
Smtn10PT 23-Aug-23
HDE 23-Aug-23
njbuck 23-Aug-23
From: BowmanMD
This time last year I was in British Columbia chasing sheep and it made me wonder if the fires in Canada have negatively impacted anyone's hunt this year. We see all the smoke and air quality alerts here in the lower 48 but don't hear much more than that. Anyone having any issues hunting Canada this year so far?

From: Frenchman
My bear hunt with my friend Ken Taylor in northern Quebec was cancelled because of fires - and access restrictions...

Many Quebec outfitters had to cancel spring huntsc - but things should be okay for this coming fall...

From: Smtn10PT
If anyone was hunting sheep in the Brooks Range on opening day I'd be surprised if they could see a ram that was more than a mile away.

From: HDE
Just don't let Shockey do a write up about it.


From: njbuck
I was in the Liard range in the NWT, smoke was bad, we couldnt see more than a mile-mile and a half most days.

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