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Corey Jacobsen...18 Points
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From: midwest
Good video by Sitka. Assuming this is GMU40?

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Gotta be 40. Tons of private, tons of elk.

From: Beendare
I was thinking the same.

Gotta love his vids, so well done. I particularly liked his comment about not wanting to set a size limit on what bull he would shoot….I think we have all done that. No pressure, Smart strategy.

From: Tracker
Well done for sure. Love the country looked very cool.

From: Buglemaster
What a great video! Corey is always a class act & does things right. The guy is an elk wizard! I’m guessing 40 also.

enjoyed it... had to be 40 by the looks of it.

From: Jethro
When I heard he burned 18 points I was hoping he’d be in rio grande nf/weminuche. Obviously not. I enjoyed it. Wish it would have been longer, would have liked to see more.

From: cnelk
It was unit 40

From: smurph
Was so afraid when I saw unit 40 mentioned, it was going to be a ranch hunt. Super happy to see Corey get that done still working the public land. Love the comment on not setting a certain size bull requirement as well. So the opposite of what some others have done once they achieved some bow hunting fame (I.e. initials C.H.). Congrats!

From: Tilzbow
Very well done short film! Cory seems like a guy I’d like to hunt with.

From: SBH
That dude will kill elk in any unit, any state, don't matter what tag he has.

From: W
I don’t think I’ll ever draw it again. My hunt was cut short a few years back due to me drawing a sheep tag that year. Wish I could’ve given it more time. Was able to draw a fun November deer hunt there a few years back.

From: ElkNut1
Cory & Donnie are great people, happy he's doing very well!


From: WYOelker
Been off those cliffs. Buddy killed his bull rifle off those cliffs 2-3 years ago lol… They suck.

Nice Bull

From: Trial153
Cory always presents himself like a gentleman. It’s Great to see his continued success

From: Beav
Great film, great hunter!

From: AZ8
Great video. Him and Donnie are great. A few mentioned it was too short, and I agree, but I bet Corey will have a full version of this hunt on his YT channel sometime in the future. Hope so!

From: Ambush
Very cool!! In five days I'll be in camp waiting for opening morning and that gets me pretty pumped up!

From: SteveB
Make no mistake....he had a minimum standard in mind after 18 years. Nice video!

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